Warframe Devstream 120

Devstream #120 aired on December 7, 2018 @ 2pm ET

The team was back yet again with a slew of content to talk about for what might be the last Devstream of 2018! If you’re looking for a recap of what was revealed and discussed without the need for YouTube timestamps (much love to our timestamp Tenno!), keep on reading in our overview below:

Warframe Devstream 120

Warframe Devstream 120


  • Fortuna launches on XB1 and PS4 on December 10th!
  • As usual, 2 Gift of the Lotus Alerts are alive on all platforms for 24 hours following the stream!
  • Chroma Prime Access ends on December 18th, and Banshee PrimeIcon272 Banshee Prime enters the Vault then too!
  • We worked with Mashed, RustyFin, StallordD to make a TUBULAR animation based on RustyFin’s amazing song. See the preview here.

Mesa PrimeEdit

She is coming on December 18th with Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime!


Fortuna 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

We’re aiming to release the second wave of Fortuna content on PC by the end of this year. Here’s a look at some of the amazing work that’s coming:

Floofs for the New Conservation Animals
  • One of the new animals has toxic droppings so you need to be careful when tracking!
  • Another one of these animals are found only in Caves.
  • If you missed the reveal of these animals, check out Devstream 119’s overview.
Orb Heists

Here’s the trailer:

New Moa Brackets
  • See all three here.
Nyx and Titania Changes
  • You can read the full write-up in our Developer Workshop.
  • NyxIcon272 Nyx abilities are getting an audio pass as well!
  • TitaniaIcon272 Titania’s base energy is being increased.
“Atmosphere” Archwing Weapons
  • Will use Archwing mods, will be getting more Archwing mods as well.
  • Enemies also learned how to use Archwing weapons on foot – beware!
Vent-Kids Themed Operator Cosmetics

And… Baruuk!

BaruukIcon272 Baruuk – First Look at Abilities!Edit

First Ability: Elude

  • Cone of damage mitigation in front of you – bullets will pass right through you! Damage mitigation builds up his “Edge” (a placeholder name) meter.
  • The higher your “Edge”, the more damage reduction you are given as well.

Second Ability: Sedative

  • Radial sleep that ramps up sleepiness until enemies pass out.
  • Lingers for a couple of seconds so enemies that enter AOE after cast will still be affected.
  • Bonus damage on finishers on sleeping foes!

Third Ability: Subdue

  • Summons disarm charges that float around Baruuk. When enemies enter range, one charge flies out, dealing a small amount of damage and disarming the enemy.
  • Charges can also “jump” onto Allies within range, giving them the charge to spend on a foe.
  • Offers damage reduction based on the number of charges available, similar to Nova’s Null Star.

Here’s these three abilities being used in tandem:


Fourth Ability: Savage
Activates use of a fist exalted weapon that also drains from your “Edge” meter. Different combos can be used with different effects:

  • Slide attack creates a radial lift, which we might be adding a slowing effect to.
  • Block combo pulls enemies towards you.
  • Forward combo ragdolls enemies back further and further.

Deluxe SkinsEdit

WukongIcon272 Wukong Deluxe. Speaking of Wukong – he is on the list to be revised, and ideally that will come with his deluxe skin itself!


EquinoxIcon272 Equinox Deluxe revisions. You’ve seen this skin in the past, but the artist made tweaks to overall shapes as well as the colour palette.


Finally, LimboIcon272 Limbo fans can get a look at his Deluxe Skin Model:


New UI ThemesEdit

Other TidbitsEdit

  • Steve has updated the controller code to help remove input lag. If you want the full story behind it, you can watch it in full here.
  • If you’ve been involved in the Chat Moderator discussion, we are working with a third party professional moderation team for consultation of our existing practices. We’ll be releasing a full write-up of our plans soon, so keep an eye out!

Source: Devstream #120 Overview

Devstream 120 banner

Who: Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects Geoff, Steve, Sheldon, and Scott!

What: It’s time to bring Fortuna Part II’s newest Warframe ‘Baruuk’ out to play – and more. Titania and Nyx will be making an appearance too! And what’s this… a first look at our next Prime Access? And a deeper look at Fortuna Part II?! Buckle in!

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as a Chroma Prime Access Pack!

Where: Find us at: to watch for a Twitch Drop, or if you're watching from your Switch, watch on the YouTube app!

When: Join us this Friday, December 7th at 2 p.m ET!

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m ET on Friday, December 7th!

Source: Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

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