Livestream 10 aired on August 14, 2013 @ 2 PM ET


Warframe - Devstream 10 - Update 9 review and Q&A

It was mostly a recap of Update 9.



  • They are trying to make trading happen
  • J3-Golem update is in the works
  • Grineer Settlement before Update 10
  • Stamina system will get redone in the future
  • Clan Tech will get changes to balance
  • Matchmaking is going to get some new features eventually to help players find others who are playing the same style as them.

Text Recap by BuildMyPaperHeart on Reddit

W00t another Livestream! Let's get cracking! This post will only focus on current and upcoming features within the game; for all of the stories and funtimes, watch the Livestream anyway! :D

  • Stat-less helmets? Nope, stat adjustments instead.
  • Episodic Content with personal choices! (Destroy/Keep this object? Based on Eastern philosophy of aggression/passive! Different choices affect the your Tenno and the Tenno as a whole?)
  • Making it more obvious that you're entering Nightmare Mode!
  • Nightmare Mode improvements (faster enemy spawns, better elevators!)
  • More Nightmare Modes! (Extreme Gravity! Every monster's a Jackal? D:)
  • Nightmare Roulette Presentation UI ("Rolls" and displays the Nightmare parameters, but will not be random)
  • General Difficulty still in adjustment (Elite Lancers)
  • Better tutorials are "on the radar" (Wallrunning, mods, "New Player Experience Problem," "Contextualize features as they come up")
  • Moar Grineer Outpost Tileset Concept Arts! It's almost "Screnshottable"! SOONER THAN UPDATE 10!
  • Future Stamina Changes: melee, parkour, blocking.
  • Chain light/heavy melee attacks, fitting into Stamina changes?
  • The grappling hook in debate?
  • Ember and Trinity to be scrutinized (may or may not be changed)
  • Drop tables getting a revamp soon.
  • Warframe Idles upcoming!
  • Colossus boss incoming (5 stories!)
  • Pronunciation confirmed: Acrid - "Ack-rid", not "Ake-rid"
  • Infested Weapons? "More"
  • GRINEER SHIRT! There's more Swag!
  • Playstyle Flags? ("I'm a rusher," "I'm an explorer!")
  • Matchmaking updates! More even balance between player levels, trying to match players via playstyle
  • Lore Update: Warframe lore is going to make connections to Dark Sector (in the long run, like the repercussions of Technocyte infection, human advancement, etc.). Note that Warframe takes place far, far in the future after the game, so direct connections are unlikely (Hayden is not Stalker!)
  • "Captain Vor's Consignment Store:" Two ideas for mod management: burn 4 Mods into 1 new one, or turn many mods into a little Platinum! Both require high Mastery.
  • Will we ever see the Orokin or Sentients? Maybe!
  • Warframe will be at Gamescon!
  • More sentinels possible!
  • PVP Duels will stay, but other PVP must be lore-friendly.
  • AFK Player Problems: Votekick or other tools for dealing with them!
  • Ends up Raptor drops may be bugged based on height or position, will be fixed in later patches
  • Stalker: What Stalker?

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