The latest Livestream was #9 and aired July 3, 2013 at 2pm EDT.

Livestream 9 Animation Team Q&A and Update 9 Talk

Livestream 9 Animation Team Q&A and Update 9 Talk



  • New sentinel stats will eventually be added to the heads up display.
  • New solar system will come, but later...
  • Don't cheat! 80 people caught in 4 hours! Even grand masters will be banned!
  • Weapons are added as they come in by content team. Bugs and other fixes are a different team. So if you think there are too many as a result of DE not having good priorities, think again.
  • Dojo/clan will get balanced for different sizes. They will be "tiered."
    • "Broframe" is over 7000 members large!
    • 4% of clans are 1 person...
  • New shotgun upcoming.
  • Warframe buffs upcoming.
  • Difficulty mode changer will be coming up!
  • New event this weekend with new enemy!
  • Update 9 some time in the next few weeks.... maybe.
    • Might include new Antimatter Warframe.
  • 24 hour alert going on after LS
  • Alert RNG has been remade and will be released on the 4th or 5th.

Text Recap by Volt_Cruelerz


  • Introductions: animators Lucy, Scott J, and Jay introduce themselves
  • Hardest thing to animate is agreed to be motion sets
  • New Ancient charge animation is terrifying
  • Originally the MOA stomp animation was just a normal speed stomp changed for mechanics reasons and the Infested walk animation was sped up for similar reasons
  • Animators love The Incredibles and Iron Giant
  • Animators think swimming would be cool, but no current plans for it
  • No dancing, but other emotes will likely be coming, especially for dojos
  • There are plans to break up the animation sets into sub-sets such as male/female or light/medium/heavy
  • New Idle animations are coming that will be unique to each frame
  • Kogake based on kick-boxing of a police trainer
  • Most humanoid animations are based on motion capture, though combat sequences in the trailer are not
  • Combat animation draws from no specific martial art, but rather draws from all in general and things done in other games and movies
  • Ash is getting wrist-blades for use in Bladestorm
  • Captain Vor's redesign is almost done
  • A small pass will be made on Jackal
  • Sargus Ruk will be getting a redesign after those and his new style will have something to do with the blueprints he drops (Ember BP's)
  • Geoff desires to make charged melee attacks not always have the same animation
  • Kogake kill winners will be announced tonight/tomorrow
  • Animators don't have to spend a whole lot of time talking with modelers because the modelers know what they're doing
  • Mynki is awesome at his job
  • Machete is getting a new animation that's more hack-and-slash-y
  • They get a lot of input from the forums
  • Skana animations may be brought up to the current standards of the game
  • Dangly-bits may be coming in after U9
  • Volt and Trinity may have their tails modified or something (someone walked into the room and wouldn't stop talking to me at this point in the stream, so I couldn't hear very well)
  • Sound guys aren't really involved until after animations are done
  • New enemy idles are coming which will go along with stealth and enemies will display more variable alertness better
  • Custom reloads are going to happen; sounds like the prime weapons that already exist may get this first
  • Zero gravity might happen at some point when you break windows
  • Possibly crawling and more interactivity with environments
  • Saryn, Rhino, and Frost second gen alt helms shown off


  • Melee vs Charged Melee is getting looked at; sounds like the solution may be a buff to Pressure Point
  • More planets will come
  • Antihack stuff keeps getting better and they're amused when hackers complain so don't hack the game or expect to be banned
  • They acknowledge there is a surplus of melee weapons; it's done by different people so it's not a priority problem
  • 4% of clans are made up of individuals
  • New double-barrelled Grineer shotty coming
  • New Alert system should start tomorrow or Friday; won't notice anything immediately, but over time you should see things being better so no more potato famines
  • Lots of work on Mag, Rhino, and Volt
  • Once you unlock a mission, there'll be a random periodic chance for it to be a "nightmare" mode where it'll be incredibly more powerful; not endgame, but it should provide variability from endless defense; will include things like punishment for failing hacks, increased damage, and randomized restrictions like "melee only" or your health slowly drains and you have to kill to regen health; comes with better rewards

User Interface

  • Sentinel health/status will eventually be on the HUD
  • The current UI is getting overhauled
  • New UI prototype shown off (very very pretty)
  • You can now look from one planet to the next by click+drag; looks very cool; just watch it at 1:11:00.  It's hard to explain.

Update 9

  • Scott is very very very very busy with U9
  • The AM frame should be in U9
  • In a few weeks probably


  • Steam trading cards are a WIP
  • Credit valued vanity items may come
  • Event this weekend for 5 PM tonight with a new enemy and return of the Snipetron
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