Touched by the hand of Arlo they come to spread his healing word. Rejoice.

Devotees are mysterious Tenno-friendly followers of Arlo introduced in Nightwave Series 2.

Their attire is similar in style to that of Syndicate Operatives, though with a more "clinical" feel and they wield Tenno weaponry such as the Latron Latron or Zylok Zylok as well as some type of injection canister.

Whenever a player is downed, there is a chance of a Devotee spawning into the mission and reviving the player. Upon achieving their duty, they'll remain in the mission and follow the downed player, providing fire-support similar to Specters or Rescue Hostages, until they are either killed or despawn on their own after a few minutes.

While active they will prioritize reviving the player and their allies while also granting an effect similar to an Ancient Healer's.


  • Upon death the Devotee will unleash a wave, which pushes away enemies and deals 250 points of Electricity b Electricity damage and status.
  • The best place to complete their codex entry (requires only one scan) is Arbitration since if a player is downed they cannot be revived so the devotee just joins the fight. This gives more time to scan them.


  • If the player is revived by them while also getting revived by their Sentinel with Mod TT 20pxSacrifice, the companion will still get destroyed upon revival.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 25.3.2
  • Removed ability to spawn Arlo Devoted Healers in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed Arlo Devoted Healers showing up in Mastery Rank tests and minigames (Happy Zephyr).

Update 25.3

  • Introduced.
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