A digital virtuoso, Derim is a capable hacker who applies his trade laundering funds traded through the Index.


  • Derim Zahn is capable of activating turrets for a period of time by hacking any nearby consoles.
    • During this, he is vulnerable to attacks by players as he cannot move while hacking.
  • He also shares with other Claims Investigation Brokers the ability to deploy Translocators, which provides teleportation for the Anyo Corp Brokers. Each Translocator will remain deployed until a player destroys it.
  • His Ferrox Ferrox functions exactly like the Tenno used version, but it deals Electricity b Electricity damage when fired.
    • Upon throwing it, he will immediately use his CrpAirPistolArray Sonicor for some time until his Ferrox returns to him.
  • He will dodge as soon as the player is aiming at or targeting him.

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