A digital virtuoso, Derim is a capable hacker who applies his trade laundering funds traded through the Index.


  • Derim Zahn is capable of activating turrets for a period of time by hacking any nearby consoles.
    • During this, he is vulnerable to attacks by players as he cannot move while hacking.
  • He also shares with other Claims Investigation Brokers the ability to deploy Translocators, which provides teleportation for the Anyo Corp Brokers. Each Translocator will remain deployed until a player destroys it.
  • His Ferrox.png Ferrox functions exactly like the Tenno used version, but it deals DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity damage when fired.
    • Upon throwing it, he will immediately use his CrpAirPistolArray.png Sonicor for some time until his Ferrox returns to him.
  • He will dodge as soon as the player is aiming at or targeting him.


  • Despite the Codex stating that he has 100 Shields, 150 Flesh, and 200 Alloy Armor at base, he actually has 2500 Shield, 1000 Flesh, and 50 Alloy Armor at base.
  • An unranked copy of his weapon can be stolen from him by using the Halikar thrown attack. It will replace the player's secondary weapon if they have one, which will hover in mid air.