A hallway that has two stories of two locals: one of the past, a place of elegance and beauty; the other of the present, a barren land forgotten of its grace.

Derelict Chambers is a map for Cephalon Capture type Conclave missions. Deep in the half Infested Orokin Derelict, this medium-sized map offers a symmetric map of once elegant hallways and murky waters below.


Detailed Map of Derelict Chambers.

Chambers Map Detailed

Red Dots:Health Orbs

Blue Dots: Energy Orbs

Yellow Squares: Ammo Boxes

Moon/Sun Icons: Team Spawns/Objectives



  • Derelict Chambers used to be a part of both Annihilation and Team Annihilation map rotations before now being a part of only Cephalon Capture's map rotation.
  • There are two ammo boxes in the middle of the map under the water.

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