Defiled Snapdragon is a Stance Mod for Blade and Whip type weapons.

Can be equipped on:

*Denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity.



  • The name of this stance, as well as its associated combos all reference dragons in some form;
    • Snapdragons are a genus of plants whose flowers are said to resemble the head of a dragon.
    • Drake is a synonym for dragon. It is derived from Draco, the Latin word for dragon.
    • Naga is a group of serpent deities associated with Hinduism and Bhuddism.
    • Lindwurm is the German name for Lindworm, which is typically depicted as a bipedal, wingless dragon. The most famous lindworm is Jörmungandr.
    • The Leviathan is a sea monster (commonly called a "sea serpent") referenced in Christianity and Judaism. The word has since become synonymous with any large sea creature such as whales.
    • Wyverns are mythological creatures commonly mistaken for dragons, with the key difference being that wyverns have two legs, whereas dragons normally have four.


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