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The Orbiter's interior can be decorated from the Place Decoration option with various items and objects to adorn it to the player's liking.


Warframe Articula are action figures of Warframes, which can be displayed in different poses along with their weapons. They can be bought individually from the Market for Platinum64.png 35 each, and they are also given in sets of 2 when purchasing any Vignette. (Except the Aquarium vignette which only includes a bundle of 4 common fish). While the Articula uses the ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur appearance by default, they can be customized to display any Warframe desired.

Eidolon Articula are action figures of Eidolons, which can be displayed in different poses. They can be obtained as a drop from capturing their respective counterparts in the Plains of Eidolon.

Orb Articula, similarly, are action figures of Orb Mothers, which can be displayed in different poses. They can be obtained as a drop from killing their respective counterpart in the Orb Vallis.

The following customization options are available for Articula:

  • Pose Set: This option selects the group of poses that the Articula can be displayed with.
  • Pose: This slider sets the Articula's pose, which is dependent on the selected Pose Set.
  • Select A Loadout: This option allows the player to select one of their Arsenal's Loadouts to use, which converts the Articula into the desired Warframe, along with displaying any weapons carried in the Loadout. This option is only available for Warframe Articula.
  • Equip: Selects the weapon that the Articula will wield at hand from the currently selected loadout. Currently this option only includes the ability to select Primary or Secondary weapons, or no weapon at all. This option is only available for Warframe Articula.
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Ayatan Sculptures[]

Main article: Ayatan Sculptures

Ayatan Sculptures are small Orokin-made statues which can be placed inside the player's Orbiter as decorative pieces.


Displays are wallpaper-style decorations that can display unlocked art from the Codex and Fragments. Each Display costs Platinum64.png 15, with the exception of the Glyph Display, which costs Platinum64.png 20.

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The following Displays are not customizable.

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Domestik Drone[]

Main article: Domestik Drone

Domestik Drones are Corpus-made autonomous vacuum cleaners. They are the only decorative object that is mobile, randomly wandering inside the Orbiter. It can be bought from the Market for Platinum64.png 100, in six different colors. Players may also buy a bundle of six Drones, one for each color scheme, for Platinum64.png 400.

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The Enemy Fighter Craft Decorations can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer for Credits64.png 100,000 and PrimeBucks.png 100 each.

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Fish Trophies[]

Fish Trophies are plaques that display various species of aquatic life that players have caught while Fishing in Landscape. Blueprints for these trophies can be bought from either Fisher Hai-Luk at Cetus, The Business at Fortuna, or Daughter at Necralisk. Each Fish Trophy require a corresponding top rating fish and resources for crafting.

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Floofs are plushie objects depicting Conservation animals and Grineer Tusk Thumpers. The conservation animal Floofs are sold by Master Teasonai, The Business and Son, while Tusk Thumper Floofs are sold by Nakak. Animal Floofs require 5 of their respective Tags to purchase while Tusk Thumper Floofs, like much of Nakak's wares, require Plains resources that change daily.

Roller Floofs, which can be purchased from Nakak with Nakak Pearls, are added with the Dog Days Tactical Alert. The Roller Floofs can be bumped into and pushed around, and Kubrow and Kavat companions will actively interact with them. Reloading into the Orbiter will reset the Roller Floof's spawn location.

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Luxxum Ornaments[]

Luxxum Ornaments are an exquisite ornament of unknown provenance to enhance your Orbiter, sold by Baro Ki'Teer for Credits64.png 100,000 and PrimeBucks.png 100 each.

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Mastery Slates[]

A Slate struck to recognize your achievement. Mastery Slates are rewarded from each Mastery Rank Test.

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Noggles are essentially Bobbleheads, small figurines with oversized heads. Most noggles cost Platinum64.png 35 each from the Market, though certain noggles can be acquired via different means, such as through Quests or Syndicates. Prime Warframe noggles can only be obtained by purchasing their respective Prime Access or Prime Vault pack or by purchasing them individually from Varzia during the Prime Resurgence event.

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The Planet decorations are a reward for fully completing the corresponding planet in The Steel Path. The Derelict decoration is rewarded along with the Deimos decoration.

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There are a total of 7 planter decorations, all purchaseable at the Market for Platinum64.png 20 with the exception of the Lua Planter, which costs Platinum64.png 50.

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Posters are decorations that display unique artwork.

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Bundle Poster
Fortuna Poster Pack
Platinum64.png 195
A New Future Poster
Platinum64.png 35
United. Unbreakable. Poster
Platinum64.png 35
Heads High, Solaris Poster
Platinum64.png 35
A New World Poster
Platinum64.png 35
We All Lift Poster
Platinum64.png 35
Together Poster
Platinum64.png 35
The Future In Your Hands Poster
Platinum64.png 35
We Are Seasons' Poster Series
Platinum64.png 300
This Is What You Are
The Worm
All Miracles Require Sacrifice
You Cannot Kill The Devil


Prex are cards that depict an artwork of a Warframe or character. Warframe Prex Cards that are found as collectibles require their respective Warframe to be max rank for them to appear.

Prex Cards are found in the Leverian, with each Warframe's gallery having its own unique Prex Card to find. Originally, the Heart of Deimos TennoGen Prex Cards was awarded from Twitch Drops but now can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer. SevagothIcon272.png Sevagoth and YareliIcon272.png Yareli's Prex are awarded at the end of Call of the Tempestarii and The Waverider quests respectively. CalibanIcon.png Caliban's Prex appears in the Drifter's Camp after The New War. GyreIcon272.png Gyre's Prex appears in the Chrysalith in the hallway after the docking bays, on top of the lockers across from Cephalon Melica.

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The Resources which can be seen in the field can also be used as decorations for the Orbiter, and are available from the Market. Resources cost Platinum64.png 5 each, while Resource Deposits cost Platinum64.png 20.

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Main article: Shawzin

There are seven variants of the Shawzin, three of which are skins for the basic Dax's Shawzin (Dawn, Day of the Dead, and Mimica) while the others have a unique sound profile corresponding to guitars in the real world. The Corbu, Nelumbo and Tiamat are electric, acoustic and bass guitars respectively.

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