Causes the Helios Sentinel to attack enemy targets using pieces of itself.

The Deconstructor is a Sentinel weapon that can only be used by the Helios Sentinel, that throws parts of the Sentinel at enemies in a fashion similar to throwing weapons like the DEGlaive Glaive. The Deconstructor uses melee and thrown melee mods.

This weapon can be sold for Credits641,250.


This sentinel weapon is automatically acquired by acquiring Helios. Note that this weapon also takes up one slot in your sentinel slots.


This weapon inflicts Impact b Impact, Slash b Slash, and Puncture b Puncture in a sequence.




Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • The Deconstructor is a glaive type melee weapon and therefore accepts thrown melee weapon exclusive mods like Mod TT 20pxPower Throw and Mod TT 20pxWhirlwind.
    • This is the only weapon where the projectiles have a different base damage of Impact b Impact, Slash b Slash, then Puncture b Puncture in sequence.
  • The Deconstructor may only be used by the Helios sentinel.
  • Currently, the ways to increase the damage of the Deconstructor are to increase its overall damage with a Mod TT 20pxPressure Point or Mod TT 20pxSpoiled Strike mod, increase its base physical damage through physical damage mods (such as Mod TT 20pxHeavy Trauma, Mod TT 20pxJagged Edge, or Mod TT 20pxSundering Strike), or add elemental mods. ("Smite" faction damage mods need to be tested.)
  • It aims at enemies' heads (if humanoid), and consistently scores headshots.
    • It can miss if an enemy is knocked down by still attempting to shoot where their head should be.
  • Appears to have a significant chance to target and track additional enemies on the initial hit, so long as the enemy is within a 45 degree cone from the initial target. (requires further testing).
  • It is considered a Melee weapon and although the projectile makes sound, it is actually Silent, and therefore does not alert enemies.


  • The Deconstructor is the first Sentinel weapon to be classified as a melee weapon.


  • In some cases Helios's components may continue to orbit around you and will only return if you move to a different location.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 12.5

  • Introduced

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