Debt Collectors are special Corpus infantry units that utilize special shoes to move quickly around the battlefield. Similar to the Comba and Scrambus, they are capable of projecting an invisible aura that disrupts certain classes of Warframe powers. The nullification aura also disrupts the player's HUD if the player moves within range, which also acts as an indicator that the nullification aura is in effect. 

The Debt Collector's loadout is modular, and much like the Scrambus and Comba, can be equipped with one type of nullification aura combined with a different weapon loadout.


Debt Collectors are equipped with special shoes that allow them to dash around the battlefield, avoiding Tenno and going directly after Darvo, making Corpus Bust alerts difficult.


  • The Debt Collector was first introduced on 1 September, 2016 as part of the Corpus Bust alert. It is the last enemy Tenno face while protecting Darvo and his wares after his Totally Legit Sale.
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