A blade forged using dark metals, capable of delivering high-damage charge attacks.

The Dark Sword is a longsword that deals DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation damage.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64.png 5,000.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This weapon deals primarily DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture damage.



Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Dark Sword's blueprint can be bought from Nightwave Offerings. Note that the offerings are on a 7-day rotation, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:N/A

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Slam Radial Damage has a 40% chance to inflict the DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin status effect, which is unaffected by status chance mods.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Dark Sword and its shorter counterpart the DarkDagger.png Dark Dagger were previously physical damage weapons. Update 13.0 (2014-04-09) changed them to deal purely DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation damage on their normal attacks, making them the first melee weapons to do so.
  • Prior to Update 19.0 (2016-11-11), the Dark Dagger and the Dark Sword used exactly the same image for the Arsenal and Codex.
  • Due to its black color and DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation damage, it might be an homage to Kanajana, which is a sword of Erokose and also another aspect of Stormbringer.

Media[edit | edit source]

Dark Sword Skins Edit

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 26.0 (2019-10-31) Actual patch notes made a mistake on old damage number according to archived versions of Module:Weapons/data.

  • Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 8
  • Damage increased from 37 Radiation to 260 (120 Puncture, 60 Slash, and 80 Radiation).
  • Range increased from 1 to 2.5.
  • Status Chance increased from 10% to 40%.
  • Slam Attack increased from 74 Radiation to 780 Radiation.
  • Slide Attack increased from 79 Radiation to 260 Radiation.
  • Parry Angle set to 55.

Update 17.2 (2015-08-19)

  • Dark Sword can now be used in PvP.

Update 7.8 (2013-04-19)

  • Fixed Darksword blueprint, it can now be crafted.

Hotfix 7.7.4 (2013-04-15)

  • Fixed Dark Sword blueprint Alert reward.

Vanilla (2012-10-25)

  • Introduced with game release.

Last updated: Update 26.0 (2019-10-31)

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