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Damage Reflection is a mechanic in which an attacker's damage is returned to them. This does not grant damage mitigation for the original receiver unlike sources of Damage Reduction.


Sources of reflection include:


  • Damage is reflected before mitigation through Armor, damage-modifiers, or other sources of damage reduction (e.g. ShatterShield130xWhite Shatter Shield or Mod TT 20px Adaptation).
  • While invulnerable, no damage will be reflected by Tribute130xWhite Tribute (Thorns buff).
  • Reflected damage can occasionally get an enemy body multiplier (e.g a headshot).
  • Sentients cannot adapt to reflected damage as they cannot adapt to DmgTauSmall64 Tau damage.
  • Reflected damage cannot be healed off with Mod TT 20px Healing Return or Mod TT 20px Life Strike.
  • Reflected damage is not affected by auras such as Mod TT 20px Steel Charge or those which match the weapon type of the enemy.
  • Reflected damage is not affected by combo counter. Reflection has been changed to %chance on block to stagger or stun enemy while blocking. Reflection has an Flawed Mods version from Iron Wake and it's description says "48% Damage taken is reflected When blocking attacks while Channeling", even though it's equippable it doesn't do anything since Channeling was replaced by melee Heavy Attacks.
  • Bullet Attractors such as MagIcon272 Mag's Magnetize130xWhite Magnetize, DmgVoidSmall64 Void status effect, and Scourge Scourge/ScourgePrime Scourge Prime's alternate attack will reflect an enemy's projectile damage if they are inside the attraction area.