Forcefield a special damage type that has a special "ragdoll" side effect.  Please note that while this is a source of ragdolling physics in the game, it is not the only source of ragdolling.  It is not safe to assume that something that ragdolls enemies does forcefield damage.

  • "Ragdolls" light, medium, and heavy foes and some bosses.
  • Does not ignore armor.

Innate Forcefield Weapons

  • Kestrel Kestrel (charge attack and slam attack)
  • Kogake0 Kogake (charge attack, slide attack and wall attack)
  • CorpusKickNPunch Obex (charge attack, slide attack and wall attack)

Forcefield Mods


Misc. (Abilities, Hazards, etc.)

Note: Some Warframe Abilities are known to ragdoll enemies but this is a special effect of the ability itself and does not necessarily mean that said ability does forcefield damage. Currently, only the following skills are thought to possess the forcefield damage type:

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