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Damage 2.0 since Update 11

Damage (or commonly called Damage 1.0) is displayed on the HUD as numbers that spawn near the point of impact on an enemy. Damage to health is shown in white, while damage to shields is shown in blue. Damage results are modified by several mechanics – damage type, critical hits, stealth – which are discussed below and on their respective pages.

Weapon damage and mod damage will each spawn their own damage indicator. Shotguns will also spawn separate indicators for each of their pellets. Damage that is reduced to zero, such as Bullet damage on a Corpus Crewman's head, will not spawn a number indicator. Damage indicators are color coded using the following system:

  • Regular attack on health - white
  • Regular attack on shields - blue
  • Critical hit and stealth attacks - yellow
  • Modified critical hit attacks - red

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