VoidTearIcon b Void Damage is a special damage type that is exclusive to Operators and their Amps. Originally a placeholder damage type introduced in Update 18, it was formally named into the game in Update 22 with the inclusion of The Quills. While ineffective against Cloned Flesh, Machinery and Fossilized, it provides several advantages over SentientFactionIcon bSentient enemies as follows:

Other known usage of this damage type are as follows:

Status EffectsEdit

The Status Effect of VoidTearIcon b Void damage is Bullet Attractor, which creates a small 5 meter field around the target which absorbs and redirects projectiles over 3 seconds.

Type EffectivenessEdit

IconGrineerBGrineer Health VoidTearIcon b Void Modifier IconCorpusBCorpus Health VoidTearIcon b Void Modifier Infestation bInfested Health VoidTearIcon b Void Modifier
Cloned Flesh -50% Flesh Infested
Ferrite Armor Shield Infested Flesh
Alloy Armor Proto Shield Fossilized -50%
Machinery -50% Robotic Sinew

Void SourcesEdit

VoidTearIcon b Void damage can be found in the Operator's Void powers, which include:

  • Void Beam (Operator attack)
  • Void Blast (Operator melee)
  • Void Dash (Operator bullet jump)

In addition, VoidTearIcon b Void damage is dealt by Operator Amps.