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DmgVoidSmall64.png Void Damage is a special damage type that is almost exclusive to Operators, their Amps, and XakuIcon272.png Xaku. Originally a placeholder damage type introduced in Update 18.0 (2015-12-03), it was formally named into the game in Update 22.0 (2017-10-12) with the inclusion of The Quills. While neutral across the board, it provides several advantages over SentientFactionIcon.png Sentient enemies as follows:

Other known usage of this damage type are as follows:

Status Effects[]

The Status Effect of DmgVoidSmall64.png Void damage is Bullet Attractor, which creates a small 5 meter field centered on where the target was shot for 3 seconds (e.g. proccing DmgVoidSmall64.png Void on the target's head creates the Bullet Attractor field centered on their head, proccing on their feet centers the field on their feet). Hit-scan bullets and projectiles that are shot into the field will be redirected towards the target. Projectiles with Punch Through are capable of hitting enemies in the field multiple times and running down their available punch through distance until they despawn.

Afflicted enemies will also have their own projectiles redirected, preventing them from properly shooting the player.

Type Effectiveness[]

IconGrineerOn.pngGrineer Health DmgVoidSmall64.png Void Modifier IconCorpusOn.pngCorpus Health DmgVoidSmall64.png Void Modifier Infestation w.svgInfested Health DmgVoidSmall64.png Void Modifier
Cloned Flesh Flesh Infested
Ferrite Armor Shield Infested Flesh
Alloy Armor Proto Shield Fossilized
Machinery Robotic Infested Sinew

Void Sources[]

DmgVoidSmall64.png Void damage can be found in the Operator's Void powers, which include:

DmgVoidSmall64.png Void damage is part of Warframe XakuIcon272.png Xaku's Abilities:

Weapons with Void damage
Name Slot Class Attack Name DmgVoidSmall64.png Void Void%
CanticPrism.png Cantic Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 1460 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
DissicScaffold.png Dissic Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Explosion 6600 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
DissicScaffold.png Dissic Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Explosive Fragments 300 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
ExardScaffold.png Exard Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Explosion 2600 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
GranmuPrism.png Granmu Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Direct Hit 1000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
GranmuPrism.png Granmu Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Explosion 1400 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
KlamoraPrism.png Klamora Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 600 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
KlebrikScaffold.png Klebrik Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 320 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
LegaPrism.png Lega Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 600 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
MoteAmp.png Mote Amp (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 240 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
PenchaScaffold.png Pencha Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 9000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
PhahdScaffold.png Phahd Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Direct Hit 3000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
PhahdScaffold.png Phahd Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Explosion 1100 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
PropaScaffold.png Propa Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Explosion 9000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
RahnPrism.png Rahn Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 1000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
RaplakPrism.png Raplak Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 3000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
ShraksunScaffold.png Shraksun Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Direct Hit 3000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
ShraksunScaffold.png Shraksun Scaffold (Gilded) Amp Amp Explosion 4500 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
ShwaakPrism.png Shwaak Prism (Gilded) Amp Amp Normal Attack 3500 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
Sirocco.png Sirocco Amp Amp Normal Attack 2000 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 
Sirocco.png Sirocco Amp Amp Overcharged Shot 3600 100.00% DmgVoidSmall64.png 


  • DmgVoidSmall64.png Void damage is neither physical nor elemental; as such it receives no increases from Madurai's Phoenix Talons or Phoenix Spirit, and conversely it receives no penalties against resistances generated from Sortie conditions (Physical or Elemental Enhancements). DmgVoidSmall64.png Void damage deals full damage to enemies with either of these enhancements.
  • XakuIcon272.png Xaku's DmgVoidSmall64.png Void damage is only capable of procing its Bullet Attractor status and resetting Sentient resistances, and only Xata'sWhisper130xDark.png Xata's Whisper and TheLost130xDark.png The Lost's Deny can do this. It lacks all other benefits, including bypassing Eidolon-type Sentient invulnerabilities and changing Profit-Taker Orb's shield weakness.


Patch History[]

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)

  • Void damage’s Status Effect will now redirect projectiles to the body part it proc’d on.
    • How it will work: If you shoot at an enemy’s head with Xata’s Whisper enabled and proc, the bubble will redirect all projectiles to the head. If you shoot at the feet, it’ll be redirected to the feet, etc.! It is however possible that even if you proc on the head but then shoot at the lower part of the bubble it might hit the body on the way up to being redirected to the head.
    • This is a game wide change to Void Status Effect! Now that we have a Warframe that can harness Void damage at the click of a button, it has brought much focus to and discussion around its Status Effect. For those of you who are unfamiliar, in its current state it creates a bullet attractor bubble that directs all projectiles to the center of the enemy’s torso regardless of where it procs. Since Xata’s Whisper applies Void damage to all of their weapons, it was increasingly noticeable to Xaku players that the bubble’s current redirecting position prevents any attempt at enemy headshots until its duration expires. This is one of the main reasons for this change. Headshot disruption ultimately limits your damage output by removing the opportunity for headshot multipliers while it is active. Now, you will be able to use your headshotting skills to greater benefit, while also having generally more options to focus projectiles where desired. Note that regardless of where the Status Effect occurs, it will continue to prevent enemies from being able to shoot at you without having their projectiles redirected back to the center of the bubble.

Update 29.1 (2020-09-17)

  • We are making Void damage ‘True Neutral’ by removing the 50% resistance of Void damage on Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies - a long desired request for Void damage.
    • Currently, Void damage is relatively ineffective against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies which greatly limits the use of Xata’s Whisper on Grineer and Infested enemies. In an effort to give it (and Void damage in general) more utility across enemy categories, we are removing this resistance so that it aligns with its neutral effectiveness against the other enemy types. It is important to note that Eidolons, Amalgams, and certain bosses will still maintain this resistance.

Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

  • Introduced.