Damage Type Tenno Flesh Tenno Armor Tenno Shield Status
Impact b Impact –25% 1)Stagger
Puncture b Puncture –25% –Damage
Slash b Slash –25% Bleed
Cold b Cold –25% Slowdown
Electricity b Electricity –25% Tesla Chain
Heat b Heat –25% Burn DoT
Toxin b Toxin 2)N/A   Poison DoT
Blast b Blast Heat b Heat + Cold b Cold –25% –Accuracy
Corrosive b Corrosive Electricity b Electricity + Toxin b Toxin –25% –Armor
Gas b Gas Heat b Heat + Toxin b Toxin –25% Gas Cloud
Magnetic b Magnetic Cold b Cold + Electricity b Electricity –25% Amplified damage to shields
Stops shield regen
Energy Drain
Radiation b Radiation Heat b Heat + Electricity b Electricity –25% –Accuracy
Friendly Fire
More damage to allies
Viral b Viral Cold b Cold + Toxin b Toxin –25% Amplified damage to health
TrueDmg b True 2)N/A   -
VoidTearIcon b Void –25% Bullet Attract
  • Tenno Flesh: Applies to all Warframes.
  • Tenno Armor: Applies to all Warframes (Tenno).
  • Tenno Shield: Applies to all Warframes (Tenno).

1) Does not affect the Tenno. | 2) The damage associated bypasses these secondary protections. Though in the cause of Toxin b Toxin damage, it has -25% damage modifier against HildrynIcon272 Hildryn when she has overshields.

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