Impact b Impact
Puncture b Puncture +25%
Slash b Slash -25%
Cold b Cold
Electricity b Electricity +50%
Heat b Heat
Toxin b Toxin -25%
Blast b Blast
Corrosive b Corrosive
Gas b Gas
Magnetic b Magnetic
Radiation b Radiation +25%
Viral b Viral
TrueDmg b True
VoidTearIcon b Void
Not to be confused with Machinery.

Robotic is one of the four Corpus classes, which refers to enemies that are considered mechanical in nature. All of them are particularly resistant to crowd control effects such as from Heat b Heat's ignite or Blast b Blast's knockdown.

Most Robotic enemies come with Shields for extra protection, which is best dealt with using Magnetic damage or bypassed entirely using Toxin damage (albeit at reduced damage due to the 25% penalty). 

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