Proto Shield
Impact b Impact +15%
Puncture b Puncture -50%
Slash b Slash
Cold b Cold
Electricity b Electricity
Heat b Heat -50%
Toxin b Toxin +25%
Blast b Blast
Corrosive b Corrosive -50%
Gas b Gas
Magnetic b Magnetic +75%
Radiation b Radiation
Viral b Viral
TrueDmg b True
VoidTearIcon b Void
Proto Shield is one of the four health types of IconCorpusBCorpus, possessed by special units. This type of shield is significantly stronger than the standard Shield type and can be considered the more advanced version of standard shields. It takes increased damage from Impact b Impact and Magnetic b Magnetic damage, and is completely bypassed by Toxin b Toxin damage (despite listing a damage bonus), but less from Puncture b Puncture, Heat b Heat, and Corrosive b Corrosive damage.

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