Infested Sinew
Impact b Impact
Puncture b Puncture +25%
Slash b Slash
Cold b Cold +25%
Electricity b Electricity
Heat b Heat
Toxin b Toxin
Blast b Blast -50%
Corrosive b Corrosive
Gas b Gas
Magnetic b Magnetic
Radiation b Radiation +50%
Viral b Viral
TrueDmg b True
VoidTearIcon b Void
Infested Sinew is one of the four Infestation bInfested health classes, being the most rare and only Infested Armor. Infested Sinew is vulnerable to Puncture b Puncture, Cold b Cold, and Radiation b Radiation damage, but resist Blast b Blast damage.

List of Infested Sinew EnemiesEdit


  • In the past Infested Sinew remained the only health type that experiences any form of damage multiplier against TrueDmg b True damage. As there is currently no more application of true damage against Sinew possible, this multiplier has been removed from the damage tables.
  • Hemocyte and the Zealots have Infested Sinew as their armor type.
  • Phorid and Jordas Golem previously had the Infested Sinew health type before it was changed to the Fossilized health type.

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