Impact b Impact
Puncture b Puncture
Slash b Slash +15%
Cold b Cold -25%
Electricity b Electricity
Heat b Heat
Toxin b Toxin -50%
Blast b Blast +50%
Corrosive b Corrosive +75%
Gas b Gas
Magnetic b Magnetic
Radiation b Radiation -75%
Viral b Viral
TrueDmg b True
VoidTearIcon b Void -50%

Fossilized enemies are one of the four Infestation bInfested health classes, used by the hardier heavy creatures in the faction. They are vulnerable to Slash b Slash, Blast b Blast, and Corrosive b Corrosive damage, but resist Cold b Cold, Toxin b Toxin, Radiation b Radiation, and VoidTearIcon b Void damage.

List of Fossilized EnemiesEdit

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