Impact b Impact -25%
Puncture b Puncture
Slash b Slash +25%
Cold b Cold
Electricity b Electricity
Heat b Heat
Toxin b Toxin +50%
Blast b Blast
Corrosive b Corrosive
Gas b Gas -25%
Magnetic b Magnetic
Radiation b Radiation
Viral b Viral +50%
TrueDmg b True
VoidTearIcon b Void

Flesh enemies are one of the four health classes of the IconCorpusBCorpus, possessed by all humanoid Corpus units. Aside from the Corpus, it is also the health class of Warframes, Kubrows, Feral Kubrows, Drahks, Hyekkas and Desert Skates. Flesh is vulnerable to Slash b Slash, Toxin b Toxin, and Viral b Viral, but resistant to Impact b Impact and Gas b Gas damage.

Despite being resistant to Gas b Gas damage, the status effect instead deals Toxin b Toxin damage, compensating the damage penalty.

List of Flesh Enemies Edit


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