Ferrite Armor
Bypassed Finishing Damage N/A
Vulnerable Toxin b Toxin Damage +25%
Puncture b Puncture Damage +50%
Corrosive b Corrosive Damage +75%
Resistant Slash b Slash Damage −15%
Blast b Blast Damage −25%

Ferrite Armor is one of two armor classes which reduce damage taken to health. Indicated by a yellow hit point bar, it is relatively common with low and mid-tier enemies such as Lancers and has generally weaker resistances than the more advanced Alloy Armor. Ferrite Armor is also the armor type of Tenno Warframes. As a result of the combination, the best damage to use against these enemies is generally Puncture b Puncture damage, with Toxin b Toxin and Corrosive b Corrosive.

Armor has an effectiveness value based on their level, which always reduces damage regardless of type. The full damage calculation then combines this armor value, as well as both the cloned-flesh and armor's damage modifiers.

List of Enemies with Ferrite Armor


  • Ferrite Armor is composed of Ferrite, which is a scientific term for iron. This could include steel, which is a ferrous and magnetic metal alloy.
  • Ferrite armor is the same armor type used on Rhino's Iron Skin.
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