Cloned Flesh
Impact b.svg Impact -25%
Puncture b.svg Puncture
Slash b.svg Slash +25%
Cold b.png Cold
Electricity b.png Electricity
Heat b.png Heat +25%
Toxin b.png Toxin
Blast b.png Blast
Corrosive b.png Corrosive
Gas b.png Gas -50%
Magnetic b.png Magnetic
Radiation b.png Radiation
Viral b.png Viral +75%
TrueDmg b.png True
VoidTearIcon b.png Void

Cloned Flesh is one of the four health classes of IconGrineerB.svgGrineer, and is possessed by almost all Grineer units. As a consequence of the invasive cloning procedures used by the Grineer, Cloned Flesh is typically fragile and weak, and often wear Ferrite or Alloy Armor to compensate. Even while armored, Cloned Flesh has vulnerabilities to Slash b.svg Slash, Heat b.png Heat, and Viral b.png Viral damage, but resistances to Impact b.svg Impact and Gas b.png Gas damage.

List of Cloned Flesh Enemies[edit | edit source]

The following list also applies to any of their Arid and Frontier counterparts.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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