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We had it good under the Corpus. Debt in check. A future. Then Solaris United got into Mum and Dad's heads. And then Deck 12. They're gone, and I'm here, with all their debt and mine as well. I hear Vox knew Deck 12 was a risk, and Vox sent them all down there anyway. To burn.


I'm not proud. Never have been. Just angry. It's all I ever had, and now I can let it go, knowing I made this happen. The System took it all from me so the balance is squared. Let Nihil do what he will. His version of order can't be any worse than debt or war.

The traitors, the deceivers, will all get their time before him. Myself included - the Solaris turncoat.

I've played my part. Everything is in place. I know what awaits me. And I don't care. It was worth it.

Maybe the terror will keep people honest. Maybe that'll be a better life. Better than the one Vox took from me.


Cutter is a Corpus mole posing as a Solaris United whisper-network handler introduced in Nightwave: Series 3 - The Glassmaker. He used the Glassmaker's other victims to release him across the Origin System, only to be vitrified for betraying Solaris United.


Cutter's parents were killed during the Deck 12 incident. Believing that Vox knowingly sent them to their deaths, Cutter defected from Solaris United. Having studied Parvos Granum's old philosophies, Cutter decided to work as a mole for the Corpus, identifying and rounding up Solaris United operatives.

Cutter's revenge soon turned toward the entire Origin System. He manipulated Shigg, Bak Vondu, and Gral to invent, build, and encrypt a broadcasting device to release the Glassmaker. However, the Glassmaker turned against Cutter due to his role as a traitor to Solaris United and turned him to glass, but he harbored no regrets and accepted the Glassmaker to sow "order" in the system.