A Crossfire mission tasks players with objectives that must be completed in the presence of multiple warring factions on the same node. These missions are indication of future Invasion on the node between the same factions as seen in Crossfire missions.

Similar to Invasion missions, Crossfire will have two factions hostile to each other, however players will have to fight both factions instead of allying themselves to one side.


Target Planet Name Type Level Credit Reward Additional Credit Reward Tile Set
InvasionIcon b Mars Ultor Exterminate 11 - 13 2,000 0 Corpus Ice Planet
InvasionIcon b Europa Valac Spy 18 - 20 2,700 0 Corpus Ship
InvasionIcon b Lua Plato Exterminate 25 - 30 3,400 0 Orokin Moon
InvasionIcon b Lua Pavlov Spy 25 - 30 3,400 0 Orokin Moon

These mission nodes are specifically set to be Crossfire modes. Any other Crossfire missions emerge dynamically through the course of the Invasion system.


  • Crossfire missions are available as Exterminate or Spy missions.
    • Crossfire Spy missions and Crossfire Rescue missions were debuted in the Tactical Alert Project Undermine.
  • Crossfire missions will have the Battle Damage hazard present at all times.
  • Faction-specific loadouts are somewhat less effective, given that there are multiple factions that must be dealt with in Crossfire mode.
  • As both factions are already alert and in combat, Stealth will be difficult to accomplish in this mission type.
  • Crossfire missions taking place on Grineer Asteroid, Grineer Galleon and Corpus Ship tiles will use the same transitional tilesets and environmental effects as those seen on Invasion missions.
  • Lotus will tell the player that they're siding on one faction and instructs to eliminate the other, despite the objective being to eliminate all enemies of either faction.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 15.13.8 (2015-02-11)

  • Introduced.