Weak claw attacks.

Crawlers resemble Infested Crewman with no lower limbs, which forces them to move with their hands. They are fairly agile and are hard to hit due to their habit of staying low, but besides that, they do not pose a large threat.

Farming LocationsEdit

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Target Name Planet Type Level Tile Set
IconInfestedB Armaros Europa Crossfire Exterminate 18 - 20 Infested Ship
IconInfestedB Brugia Eris Rescue 32 - 36 Infested Ship
IconInfestedB Gabii Ceres Survival
(Dark Sector)
15 - 25 Grineer Galleon
IconInfestedB Isos Eris Capture 32 - 36 Infested Ship
IconInfestedB Tikal Earth Excavation
(Dark Sector)
6 - 16 Grineer Forest
  • Note that Infested Crawlers do not spawn after level 40 in any Endless Mission type.


Main article: Nauseous Crawler

Nauseous Crawlers are yellow variants of regular Crawlers. Any players that linger too long in front of one will be sprayed with a yellow fluid that will hold them in place for a few seconds, thus stunning them. This is hinted by the crawler stopping in one spot, and it will begin to puff up slightly and shake, before releasing the fluid. This attack is not blocked by effects such as IronSkin130xDark Iron Skin which would otherwise negate the stun effect.

Main article: Toxic Crawler

Toxic Crawlers are black and green Infested Crewmen which now contain toxic chemicals within. Killing them will release a small toxic cloud that does constant damage to anyone within, and ignores shields.

Main article: Electric Crawler

Electric Crawlers resemble a grey Infested Crewman with no lower limbs, forcing them to move with their hands. This crawler will remain at a short distance and use a continuous electrical attack that can proc Electricity b Electricity. They can target players up to around 10 meters and are not affected by stun.

Main article: Lobber Crawler

Lobber Crawlers resemble a light blue Infested Crewman with no lower limbs, forcing them to move with their hands. It will stop at decent distances away from players, arch up a bit, then spit an explosive toxic tissue that can seem to home in on players slightly, and creates a buff that appears only two meters wide although affecting players up to six meters away. The grenade does damage directly to health, although the effect is fairly weak.


  • Crawlers used to be a species with many abilities, including shooting electric currents and lobbing explosive toxic tissues.
  • Because Crawlers are prone on the ground by default, Ground Finishers can be performed on them without knocking them down first. This applies to all the Crawler variants.
  • As of Update 17.1 Infested Crawlers will no longer spawn after level 40 in endless mission types.
    • Eximus Crawlers can be found reliably on Wahiba, Mars Survival after 15 minutes until enemy level exceeds 40.


  • Before Update 10.0, Crawlers used to crawl at a very slow pace. It was considered a very low threat due to their low damage output and slow speed.
  • Humorously, Crawlers can be stealth attacked, which prompts them to stand up on non-existent legs for some weapons. They also stand for various stun animations as well.
  • On a disturbing note, when a Crawler is in either an alerted or unalerted state, it will utter chittering and gurgling noises, one of which sounds similar to a baby gurgling. When alerted, their chittering contains angry or hostile tones.
  • Also, when a Crawler is moving about, its "footsteps" (or handsteps) have a distinct squishing noise as they chase after the player.


  • Crawler Codex

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 25.7.6
  • Fixed crawler pathing to help them stop getting stuck.

Update 25.5

  • Fixed Infested Crawlers freezing in place instead of attempting to attack when being rushed at.

Update 17.1

  • Infested Crawlers will no longer spawn after lv 40 in endless Mission types to make way for more aggressive enemies.

Update 10.5

  • Added unique names and descriptions for differing Infested Crawlers.

Update 10.0

  • Infested Crawlers (all types) have new movement, death, and attack animations.
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