Covert Lethality is a mod that increases the base attack damage of single daggers and deals lethal damage on finishers.

It can be used on the following weapons:


Rank Extra Damage Cost
0 +25 10
1 +50 11
2 +75 12
3 +100 13


  • Lethal Damage refers to the mod's ability to instantly kill enemies upon performing a finisher attack, regardless of their level or defenses.
    • The lethal damage will not be triggered by ground finishers, nor will it affect bosses who can be made vulnerable to melee finishers.
    • Lethal damage will transfer through the damage link aura of an Ancient Healer and instantly kill it as well.
  • The "Extra Damage" bonus provided by this mod adds a flat damage bonus to the weapon's base damage, i.e. a fully-ranked Covert Lethality will add 100 points of additional base damage to the weapon. Any physical or elemental damage mods that are then added will base their bonuses on the improved base damage.
    • Melee Damage mods, such as Mod TT 20pxPressure Point, are not affected by this increase.
    • When selecting components to use for creating a Dagger Zaw, it is recommended to focus maximising speed at the cost of damage on the assumption that this mod will be used in most dagger builds. The additive increase to damage will be relatively more significant on a lighter Zaw while the increased attack speed will benefit both Critical and Status Zaw configurations.
  • Aside from Stealth attacks, the following Warframe abilities can also leave enemies vulnerable to melee finishers, regardless if the finisher is performed in front or behind the enemy;


  • Enemies that surpass the normal level limit of 9,999 (such as Syndicate Death Squads that could spawn during the TennoCon 2016 alert) instead take normal finisher damage rather than being instantly killed.


Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 17.0.4
  • Fixed an incorrect description on the Covert Lethality Mod to properly describe damage bonus.

Update 17.0

  • Introduced.
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