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  • Vey Hek in the Codex
  • Vey Hek's Terra Frame in the Codex
  • Vey Hek's Happy Face
  • Councilor Vay Hek's new face
  • Councilor Vay Hek as he addresses the Tenno
  • Vay Hek during the in-game cutscene, now fighting with his Terra Frame.
  • Vay Hek as he appears within the Sanctuary teaser showing the Trail raid
  • Propaganda Drone concept art

Pre-Update 13Edit

  • Lobby View, Oddly Showing His Decoy (U9)
  • Councilor Vay Hek (intro)
  • Vay Hek during the cinematic (old model)
  • One of Vay Hek's deployed decoys. Notice that it is level 1.
  • Councilor Vay Hek in combat
  • DPS battle!
  • Councilor Vay Hek in his yellow armor before U7
  • Vay Hek prior to U7
  • Councilor Vay Hek Codex


Pre-Update 13Edit

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