Voltage grenades detonate to create an electric field.

Corvettes are large, dark brown Corpus proxies resembling Ospreys, found only in Archwing missions. They are equipped with a grenade launcher that fires multiple Electricity b Electricity grenades in a scatter-shot pattern that detonate all at once when in the vicinity of their target. Multiple Corvettes can saturate an entire area with grenades, making fighting them in close quarters hazardous.

Enemy TacticsEdit

  • The Corvette's grenades spread out in a shotgun-like pattern. They have a small blast radius, bypassing the Odonata's Energy Shell.


  • Corvette grenades guarantee procs regardless of their range from you, you can avoid them at any distance by moving unpredictably as the Corvette's grenades have travel time.
  • After firing, there is a brief moment where they close their wings signalling reloading, leaving them vulnerable to attack.


  • A corvette is the smallest type of warship.


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