Not to be confused with Corrupted.
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A Stable Corruptor in the inventory.

The Corruptor is an item used in the levels for the Operation Sling-Stone, acquired by defeating Infested enemies. 

The three types of corruptors include the Alpha, Beta, and Stable corruptors.  The stable corruptor was the most commonly dropped, being dropped by light Infested.  Alpha and Beta corruptors were dropped from Ancient Infested.

When used in the mission, the number of Corruptors placed into the terminal would determine the time you had to defend it.  With all three Corruptors placed into the terminal, it takes 60 seconds of defending until you can progress to the extraction point.  It is recommended that if you are using either Beta or Alpha Corruptors, that you have an ally using the other as to maximize the points attained at the end.

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