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A corrupted decryption key dating back to the founding of the city of Corposium. Millions of these Holokeys were lost to the Void when Parvos Granum's flagship was bombed. Strongly desired by Ergo Glast.
—In-Game Description

CorruptedHolokey.png Corrupted Holokey is a special resource that drop from Void Storms and defeating Sisters of Parvos.


Corrupted Holokeys can be obtained from Empyrean missions with an active Void Storm as an end of mission reward and by defeating a Sisters of Parvos in the Final Confrontation. The latter will award 1 Corrupted Holokey to each squad member, up to a total of 4 Holokeys for a full squad.

Source Reward Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Earth Proxima (Void Storm)
Venus Proxima (Void Storm)
3 CorruptedHolokey.png 37.5% 2 – 3 15 ± 5
Neptune Proxima (Void Storm) 4 CorruptedHolokey.png
Saturn Proxima (Void Storm) 5 CorruptedHolokey.png
Pluto Proxima (Void Storm) 6 CorruptedHolokey.png
Veil Proxima (Void Storm) 10 CorruptedHolokey.png
Sister of Parvos 1 CorruptedHolokey.png 100% 1 1


Corrupted Holokeys are used to purchase Tenet weapons from Ergo Glast in any Relay under the prompt "Browse Merchandise". Their availability and prices are not affected by the player's reputation with The Perrin Sequence syndicate. Each of these weapons is offered with a random bonus element that cycles every four days. The weapons are eligible for Valence Fusion.

Patch History[]

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • In the final Railjack Showdown node for a Sister of Parvos, each Sister will give each squad member 1 Corrupted Holokey at End-of-Mission whether you Vanquish or Convert them! This means a Squad of 4 can leave with 4 Corrupted Holokeys each on Showdown mission complete!
  • Corrupted Holokey drop amounts have been increased in Void Storms! Void Storms in the Veil Proxima will now drop 10 (vs 6) to make the hardest content the most rewarding. The rest have all had their amounts increased by 1.
  • Added ‘Missing Requirements’ context information to Ergo Glast’s shop in the Relays.

Hotfix 30.5.4 (2021-07-17)

  • Fixed functionality loss when clicking through Ergo Glast’s Tenet Offerings too quickly.
  • Fixed inability to Chat Link Corrupted Holokeys.

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

  • Introduced.