Corrupted Crewman are Orokin-controlled Corpus Elite Crewmen. Just as regular Elite Crewmen, they are protected by moderate shields and their helmets prevent any bullet damage. However, instead of Flux Rifles they use Strun shotguns that fire energy pellets, with a small amount of travel time. Their Strun model is most likely a placeholder as the projectile has nothing to do with the weapon. They can often be seen with golden Orokin decorations, as seen in the Orokin tiles and Prime Weapons and Warframes.


  • The Corrupted Crewman portrays similar tactics with the Grineer Trooper, making use of its modified Strun to deal damage at close range. Unlike its original counterpart, Corrupted Strun projectiles have travel time, making it easier to evade.
    • When hiding in cover, their weapons can become an even bigger threat, as blind-firing greatly increases their firing speed over a wide angle.
    • The travel time of the projectiles fired are is similar to the speed of Corrupted Lancer shots.
  • Be wary of its capability in throwing plasma grenades, as these explosive still do the same damage of its original user.


  • Before Update 17.0, the Corrupted Strun was only capable of shooting 1 projectile per shot, making the Corrupted Crewman one of the weakest enemies in the void.


  • There is a bug where a Corrupted Crewman can glitch into a 'T-pose' model.
  • Although Update 12.0 gave the ability to shoot off crewman helmets, this Corrupted variant will visually retain an extra helmet in place of its head after the initial helmet has been shot off.
    • As of Update 15.0, their helmets can actually be shot off, revealing their faces.


  • Corrupted Crewman Codex
  • Corrupted Crewman's Helmet off
  • A Corrupted Crewman glitching into a 'T-pose' model.

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