The Corrupted are enemies encountered in Orokin Void levels. Corrupted units are actually Corpus, Grineer, and Infested creatures that have been implanted with a control device, allowing the "Neural Sentry" of the Orokin Towers to manipulate them. Most Corrupted appear grey and drained of color, except for the golden Orokin control devices on their heads. These devices appear similar to the Orokin material on Frost Prime's helmet.

The Neural Sentry also provides the Corrupted with Orokin weapons to aid in the defense of the tower. The tower is not without its own defense, and utilizes flying sentries similar to Shield Ospreys that provide shields to the Corrupted. Orokin towers also sport defense turrets, elemental dangers, and cleverly hidden traps.

The Corrupted have unique taunts and battle calls which range from evil laughter to electronically dampened moans. However, any language present from their their non-corrupted life is stripped away.

Corrupted Enemies

Corrupted Lancer


Essentially an Orokin-controlled Grineer Lancer. In comparison to normal Grineer Lancers, Corrupted Lancers have lower HP pools and doubled armor values. They wield Deras instead of Grakatas, and throw grenades in a manner similar to regular Lancers.

Corrupted Crewman


An Orokin-controlled Corpus Crewman. Like regular Crewmen, Corrupted Crewmen are protected by shielding, and have heavily armored heads. They differ from Corpus crewmen, as they wield Strun shotguns instead of Dera plasma repeaters. These Struns fire a single, highly condensed energy pellet, which has a small amount of travel time. 

Orokin Drone


Orokin drones behave in a similar manner to Shield Ospreys. They project shields to nearby Corrupted allies. The energy shields created by Corupted drones recharge instantly, and their charging rate is rapid. Unlike standard Shield Ospreys, they cannot be Mind Controlled by Nyx, instead yeilding an "Invalid Target" notification.

Corrupted Heavy Gunner


Corrupted Heavy Gunners are Orokin-controlled Grineer Heavy Gunners. They share the same abilites and traits as regular Heavy Gunners. Corrupted Gunners have twice as much HP as the regular Grineer units.

Corrupted MOA


These corrupted Fusion MOAs behave in a similar manner to their Corpus brethren.

Fusion MOA Drone


Deployed by Fusion MOA's, Corrupted Fusion Drones behave like and look like Drones. They often appear without being deployed by Fusion MOAs while in void Survival Missions.

Corrupted Ancient


An Orokin-controlled Infested Ancient Healer. Corrupted Ancients behave just like normal Ancient Healers, regularly healing all other Corrupted units nearby. Like regular Ancient Healers, they can be mind controlled by Nyx, or brought back by Shadows of the Dead  by Nekros to heal you and your teammates, giving you 100 health per pulse. 

Corrupted Boss


  • All Corrupted units were collectively referred to as "Corrupted" until the addition of the Codex in Update 11; now each Corrupted unit has been given its own designation. 

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