Dialogue spoken by captured Solari and floating displays. Male Solari captive 1 was voiced by Oliver Koppert[1]. Female Solari captive is voiced by Gemma Laurelle.[2]

Floating Displays[edit | edit source]

  • "Fear not poverty. Poverty is the bitter soil in which sweet desire blossoms."
  • "Fortune despises the idle man. Stasis is death. Always move forward."
  • "Be envious. Covet. Then take what you desire."
  • "Deception is the sword of wisdom. Be wise."
  • "Beware the idle man who would lull you back into idleness."
  • "Contentment is idleness. Desire inspires action. Nurture all desires."
  • "Money begets money."
  • "Charity is power. More charity is more power."
  • "Shun sentimentality. It is a weakness that binds the idle man."
  • "Fulfill desire and others will follow."
  • "Ours is the grasping golden hand. We are desire. We are Corpus."

Female Solari Captive[edit | edit source]

When alone
  • "I always said I'd give a lung to get off Fortuna."
  • "[chuckles] Easy repayments they said..."
  • "Guts. No worries. We've gotten out of worse. Noooo worries."
  • "Let's be jovial
    Fill our glasses!
    Madness 'tis for us to think
    How the world is ruled by asses
    Nef could drive a saint to drink!
    HEY ho nonny nonny ho! HEY ho nonny nonny ho! HEY!"
  • "Well. This isn't exactly how I imagined going out."
  • "Well. I've been left hanging before but this is ridiculous."
  • "[groan] I am so bored."
  • "Well, this is a hell of a time to develop an itch."
  • "Well... here's hoping one of Ticker's angels cast their eyes this way. Or I... am boned."
  • "A little help?"
  • "I knew I should have invested in quick-release joints."
When approaching Solari
  • "Hey. Hey! Pop these locks, yeah?"
  • "Escape a the century, mate! Escape a' the century!"
  • "Psst! Reckon you could see your way towards [whistles] y'know? Locks?"
  • "What? Who are you? Clearly not Corpus. Good enough for me. Get me the hell off this thing."
  • "Oh at last! I feel like I was born in this thing. The controls are over there."
  • "Oh! Hey. Hey! Mate? Would you mind? The restraints? Little help?"
  • "Well met! Intros later. Controls are over there."
  • "Oh. Hello. Move along, nothing to see here. Ha! I'm kidding, of course. Get me the hell down."
  • "Oh! Well. This is a little awkward, but... would you mind helping a lady down from here?"
  • "Oi! While you're rubbernecking, think maybe you could pop these locks? I need to be havin' a word with me ‘loyal' crew."
  • "Ah! About time! So what are you? Ticker, Solaris U, my crew hired you, or am I just a lucky, lucky girl?"
Upon freeing them
  • "Ha ha! No prison can hold me!"
  • "For a horrible moment, that looked like coming a Grineer(?). Thanks."
  • "Whenever we get off this tub, I owe you a drink."
  • "Hey, I know you. One of Eudico's crew. Cheers!"
  • "Hardly done(?) Now, for the hard part."
  • "Much obliged."
  • "Ah! Lovely."
  • "And not a moment too soon. Right, now to get off this tub."
Upon freeing them in the Granum Void
  • "Got me mixed up with someone... wait a minute."
  • "Ugh, finally. And with that..."
  • "[sigh] I'm in your debt. Now let's... aww what now?"

Male Solari Captive 1[edit | edit source]

When alone
  • "Oh. We really are adrift this time. Okay. O-kay. Stay calm. Stay... calm."
  • "Heeey... hey? Listen. I think there's been a mistake?"
  • "I knew I shouldn't have left my section this morning. I knew it. I knew it."
  • "It's repo for me for sure. Uh. Um. Ah crap."
  • "I'm sure an opportunity to escape will come along any second now."
  • "Look. I'm no hero, okay! I'll talk! I'll never stop talking! Just try and shut me up!"
  • "All I can think about is all the things I'll never do. Like... NOT GETTING CAPTURED! HEEEELP!"
When approaching Solari
  • "Don't hurt me! Oh, wait."
  • "Oh! Oh thank the Void! Thank the Voooooid...."
  • "Hey! Friend? Me old cove? Let a fella down, would you? Switch over there?"
  • "Hey! Listen. They're gonna do somethin' REAL bad to me. You gotta get me out of here."
  • "Hey. HEY! Ya gotta let me down so I can clear this up, chekchek?"
  • "Oh! OH! A Tenno. Oh I'm glad to see you! You gotta get me down from here, me ol' mucker! You gotta get me down!"
  • "Tenno? TENNO?! Oh yes! YES! Help me. Helpmehelpmehelpmehelpme! Help me. HELP ME!"
  • "Hey! HEY! Please please please just get me down from here, okay? They could be back at any moment!"
Upon freeing them
  • "Aw yes, still on the right side of the grass. [kisses]"
  • "Thank the Void. So, uh, now what?"
  • "Now to get out of here! How do I get out of here?"
  • "Allergic to lead? Aye, deaf.(?)"
  • "Free! I should probably surrender."
  • "Free! Now what do I do?"
  • "Well, no going back now!"
  • "Augh, ah crud thank you! I thought I was goin' to die here!"
Upon freeing them in the Granum Void
  • "Augh... AUUUGGHHH"
  • "Wait, WAIT WAIT WAIT... wait."
  • "Ah, thank the Void. You're the best Tenno, the best!"

Male Solari Captive 2[edit | edit source]

When alone
  • "Hm. Reinforced duranium bindings."
  • "These clowns are one mistake away from me doing something they'll regret... for about two seconds."
  • "The next on a' you bastards comes in here is leavin' with a new nickname!"
  • "Right. If I'm outta here in 30 seconds, yer all dead. If I'm not outta here in 30 seconds, you'll all wish you were!"
  • "Heh. Yeah. Scared 'em real good."
  • "I'm gettin' outta here. And when I do? [chuckles] Oh, mate. When I do...."
  • "Info? Oh, I'll give ya info. Info ya never wanted. Like knowin' the taste a' yer own spleen!"
  • "[heavy, intimidating breathing]"
  • "No-good low-down fridge-faced pack a' mother-lovin' muck-suckin' dump-humpers!"
When approaching Solari
  • "Oi! Tenno. Here on business or pleasure? [laughs] Pop these locks, wouldja?"
  • "Tenno! 'Bout time. Let's wreck the joint. You an' me!"
  • "Hm. Nice ta meet a fellow soldier. Control's over there."
  • "Ha! Ah yeah. Here we go. Control's over there, Tenno."
  • "Hey. Howsabout you pop these locks and let a brother stretch his... fists?"
  • "Hey, old mate. Let a cove down, yeah?"
  • "Nice. Switch is over there. Let's do this."
  • "You're a sight for dodgy optics. Pop that lock and let's take some heads."
  • "Ah. I never take charity, but if Ticker sent ya... I'll make an exception this once."
  • "Oi. Pop these locks sharpish, chek?"
Upon freeing them
  • "Thanks, need to adjust a few things. Then I going off to this host's whiteboard(?)."
  • "Never called you a name, but I'll never forget your face. I don't know who you are, pal."
  • "Now for phase two... I assume there is a phase two?"
  • "Solaris United forever, me old mate!"
  • "Much obliged."
  • "Thanks old mate, I owe you one."
  • "Lucky me! Front row seat to watch you work. Doodling on mate(?)."
  • "Let's party!"
Upon freeing them in the Granum Void
  • "Thanks, time for me to go."
  • "I'm going to kill all of you freak face... wait a minute."
  • "Right, let's crack some... hang about..."

Pre-Update 28[edit | edit source]

  • Corpus Female Announcer: "Epeka apaseajaja esapet."(?)
  • "Yajapoke kotot."(?)
  • "Yako papejt."(?)
  • "Yeyok pke petay."(?)
  • "Peket epek yso yokpet."(?)
  • "Ekatok ketaj."(?)
  • "Yokojtose kokoatese."(?)
  • "Eyapeas etkoy."(?)
  • "Ekakas tokoyus."(?)

References[edit | edit source]

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