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Earlier concepts for the Corpus print were based on the shapes and general outline of late Nineteenth Century print advertisements. We can see the first few drafts were a little more rounded, then blocky, as the refinement of Corpus shapes come together over time. [...]

Over time the lettering became colder and less emotionally complex. Each icon becomes a Lettermark in its own way -- a symbol used for a definitive and effective purpose, compared to the elegant and visually pleasing, if excessive, Tennobet. The industrial packaging of Corpus print has all the individuality and personality of a die-cast metal stamp -- simple and direct, to be used as needed.

—WARFRAME blog post on creation of the language[1]

The Corpus uses their own script with an alphabet of modified Roman numeral like letters with varied distinct shapes for an industrial look. The spoken language heavily relies on consonants, using only a small subset of the phonetic sounds produced in the English language.

Most high-ranking Corpus are bilingual and are capable of understanding both the Corpus language and English, as in the case of Alad V and Frohd Bek.


Because of the Corpus having a relatively new language, the amount of audio heard in-game is limited. Lines heard in-game are sometimes heard when idle, but there is a notable difference between in-battle and idle sounds. Speech and translations of Crewmen, Combas, and Scrambus, can be found here.

Pronunciation is based on English with an altered alphabet as shown below.[2] Because of this, it is possible to directly translate any word using the altered alphabet (for example: attack = appayk: a = a, t = p, c = y, k = k). This rule is applied to the spoken language also.

Only the vowels and the letters "K" and "Y" retain the same sound from the English language. Corpus consonants will either be pronounced with the English "B", "J", "K", "P", "R", "S", "T", or "Y" sound.

  • Corpus A.svg (A) = A
  • Corpus B.svg (B) = T
  • Corpus C.svg (Ch) = Y
  • Corpus D.svg (D) = P
  • Corpus E.svg (E) = E
  • Corpus F.svg (F) = T
  • Corpus G.svg (G) = J
  • Corpus H.svg (H) = K
  • Corpus I.svg (I) = I
  • Corpus J.svg (J) = T
  • Corpus K.svg (K) = see below
  • Corpus L.svg (L) = P
  • Corpus M.svg (M) = S
  • Corpus N.svg (N) = T
  • Corpus O.svg (O) = O
  • Corpus P.svg (P) = K
  • Corpus R.svg (R) = T
  • Corpus S.svg (S) = Y
  • Corpus T.svg (T) = P
  • Corpus U.svg (U) = U
  • Corpus V.svg (V) = T
  • Corpus W.svg (W) = J
  • Corpus Y.svg (Y) = Y
  • Corpus Z.svg (Z) = B

The Corpus Corpus K.svg (K) is the only character with three possible sounds.

  • When used normally, it uses the English "K" sound (as in cow)
    • Corpus S.svgCorpus T.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus I.svgCorpus K.svgCorpus E.svg ("Strike"): "Yptike!" - "Strike!"
  • When used in place of the English letter "Q" (since there is no Corpus letter for "Q"), it uses the English "R" sound (as in road)
    • Corpus R.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus K.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus I.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus E.svg   Corpus B.svgCorpus A.svgCorpus C.svgCorpus K.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus P.svg ("Rekuire backup"): Teruite taykuk!" - "Require backup!"
  • When used in place of the English letter "C", it uses the English "Y" sound (as in you)
    • Corpus W.svgCorpus E.svg   Corpus A.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus E.svg   Corpus T.svgCorpus H.svgCorpus E.svg   Corpus K.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus P.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus S.svg ("We are the Korpus"): "Je ate pke Yotkuy" - "We are the Corpus"


Some dialects of Corpus pronounce words differently in the presence of a silent e, converting short vowel sounds heard in normal Corpus to long vowel sounds. For example, "Teapitjy ate tejapite" - "Readings are negative" may be spoken as such:

"Normal" Not pronouncing the "e" at the end

Audio examples[]

Main article: Corpus/Quotes
  • "Atea ypeat." - "Area clear."
  • "Je yette pke Yotkuy. Je ate pke Yotkuy." - "We serve the Corpus. We are the Corpus."
  • "Jatttasey!" - "Warframes!"
  • "Petto, it pke atea." - "Tenno, in the area."
  • "Appayk!" - "Attack!"
  • "Itkuppitj sutipioty." - "Inputting munitions."
  • "Etjajitj tijkpitj ktopoyopy!" - "Engaging fighting protocols!"
  • "To attotsapipiey pepeypep" - "No abnormalities detected"
  • "App kaip pke Yotkuy" - "All hail the Corpus"
  • "Teruite taykuk!" - "Require backup!"


All writing in the Corpus font alphabet is written in either correct American English or phonetically in the English language (rules may be inconsistent with the presence of the silent e), with some substitutions due to missing characters.

  • "C" ("K" sound as in cat) is converted to Corpus C.svg (Ch) or Corpus K.svg (K) (may be used interchangablely, see Media section with the spelling of "Corpus")
  • "C" ("S" sound as in dance) is converted to Corpus S.svg (S)
  • "X" is converted to Corpus S.svg (S), Corpus K.svg (K), or Corpus K.svgCorpus S.svg (KS)
  • "Ch" is converted to Corpus C.svg (Ch) or Corpus C.svgCorpus H.svg (CH)
  • "Q" is converted to Corpus K.svg (K)

There are no such digits from two (2) to nine (9) in the Corpus script. The only digits that they use are zero (0) and one (1), denoted by Corpus 0.svg and Corpus T.svg respectively. Numbers are rarely used in Corpus writing, but when they appear, they are written in binary.


  • Corpus is often times written as Corpus K.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus P.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus S.svg ("Korpus"), but rarely as Corpus C.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus P.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus S.svg ("Chorpus")
  • Luxor is a common proper noun seen around Corpus environments and is spelled like Corpus L.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus K.svgCorpus S.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus R.svg ("Luksor")
  • Beecloud is another common proper noun, written as Corpus B.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus K.svgCorpus L.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus D.svg ("Beekloud")
  • Nanocomposites is spelled like Corpus N.svgCorpus A.svgCorpus N.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus K.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus M.svgCorpus P.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus S.svgCorpus I.svgCorpus T.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus S.svg ("Nanokomposites")
    • Notice how the letter "c" is phonetically spelled out with the Corpus "K" (Corpus K.svg), yet the letter "e" is still present in the actual spelling despite being silent.
  • Certified is written as Corpus S.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus T.svgCorpus I.svgCorpus F.svgCorpus I.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus D.svg ("Sertified")
  • Volunteer is spelled like Corpus V.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus L.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus N.svgCorpus T.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus R.svg ("Volenteer") or Corpus V.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus L.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus N.svgCorpus T.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus R.svg ("Volunteer")
  • Merchant is written as Corpus M.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus C.svgCorpus A.svgCorpus N.svgCorpus T.svg ("Merchant")
    • Notice how "ch" is replaced by the Corpus C.svg character

Proper Nouns[]

List of proper nouns and names of Corpus origin.

Names (Orokin-era Corpus)

These names have Latin roots.

Names (modern-day Corpus)
Proper nouns

Many of these proper nouns have Latin roots.

Tabulated Ciphers[]

Matching Corpus alphabet to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for English pronounciations.

English Consonsants
IPA Corpus
p Corpus D.svg, Corpus L.svg, Corpus T.svg pen, tip
b Corpus Z.svg but, web
t Corpus B.svg, Corpus F.svg, Corpus J.svg, Corpus N.svg, Corpus R.svg, Corpus V.svg take, cut
d No equilvalent dad, do
No equilvalent chat, nature
Corpus G.svg, Corpus W.svg joy, giant, edge
k Corpus H.svg, Corpus K.svg, Corpus P.svg cat, kite, queen
g No equilvalent go, get, gutter
f No equilvalent off, fate
v No equilvalent voice, of, favorite
θ No equilvalent thing, teeth
ð No equilvalent that, soothe
s Corpus M.svg same, city, sass
z No equilvalent zoo, rose
ʃ No equilvalent she, sure, emotion
ʒ No equilvalent genre, seige, pleasure
h No equilvalent hat, heaven
m No equilvalent man, jam
n No equilvalent no, brain
ŋ No equilvalent ringer, sing, drink
l No equilvalent loss, please
r Corpus K.svg run, very
w No equilvalent win, we
j Corpus C.svg, Corpus K.svg, Corpus S.svg yes, yawn
hw No equilvalent what, when
x No equilvalent loch
English Vowels
IPA Corpus
No equilvalent day, gate, date
ɒ No equilvalent blockade, pot
ɔ: No equilvalent paw, thought
æ Corpus A.svg pat, bat
ɜ No equilvalent bird, curt
ɪ Corpus I.svg pit, in, fish
ɛ Corpus E.svg pet, bed
i Corpus C.svg, Corpus S.svg bee, need
ʌ Corpus U.svg run
ʊ No equilvalent put
u No equilvalent food, dude, through
No equilvalent bye, night, my
o Corpus O.svg tow, woe, dough
No equilvalent now, foul
Numbers and Punctuation
Symbols Corpus
0 Corpus 0.svg
1 Corpus T.svg
2 No equilvalent
3 No equilvalent
4 No equilvalent
5 No equilvalent
6 No equilvalent
7 No equilvalent
8 No equilvalent
9 No equilvalent
. (period) .
? (question mark) No equilvalent
! (exclamation mark) No equilvalent
, (comma) No equilvalent
: (colon) No equilvalent
' (apostrophe) No equilvalent
— (hyphen) No equilvalent
@ (at sign) No equilvalent
# (pound sign) No equilvalent


  • The Corpus did not have a language before Update 12.4 (2014-03-05) but rather a vocabulary of technological or mechanized sounds that were not pronounceable.
    • The old 'language' was variously interpreted by players, with suggestions such as "goofsrababa00" or "who's the VaubanIcon272.png Vauban".
  • Both the Corpus and the Grineer use the word "Attaf". Both mean "Attack". "Attaf" is pronounced longer than it is currently being spelled, both by Corpus and Grineer.


  • It is reasonable to assume that "Corpus L.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus S.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus R.svg Luxor" is some sort of Corpus manufacturing corporation, while "Corpus B.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus C.svgCorpus L.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus D.svg Beecloud" is either a robotics programming group or software, as both symbols, the circle-in-triangle-in-circle, and the beehive respectively, are seen on many different items in-game. "Hivemind" appears next to the Beecloud logo on older objects.
    • Other recurring symbols are a pair of crossed keys, a star ("Corpus F.svgCorpus O.svgCorpus R.svgCorpus T.svgCorpus U.svgCorpus N.svgCorpus A.svgCorpus T.svgCorpus E.svg   Corpus D.svgCorpus A.svgCorpus W.svgCorpus N.svg Fortunate Dawn"), and a pair of snakes entwined over a diamond shape with the letters O, K, L and U at its points.
  • Many of the regular Corpus talk the same, but the Corpus Tech talks with, what could be considered, an accent. Normal pronunciations differ slightly from regular Crewmen. For example, Techs say "Pje", where regular Crewmen say: "Tje", or "Tekut" instead of "Takut". They still speak at the same tone height.
    • This might be related to the Corpus Techs size, as they are notably taller than regular Crewmen.
  • The official Corpus cipher reveals that they don't have any use for the letter "X" (which is instead substituted with "KS", as in Corpus T.svgCorpus H.svgCorpus E.svg   Corpus I.svgCorpus N.svgCorpus D.svgCorpus E.svgCorpus K.svgCorpus S.svg The Index) and only have two numbers (0 and 1).[1]
    • This may reference the Corpus' preference in using Binary when indicating numbers as seen in the Corpus Ship tileset.
  • So far, it is the only script in WARFRAME that uses two types of font.


Official WARFRAME promotional media

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  • TennoTyper, an English to Warframe text translator developed by Clarvel.[13]


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