The Corpus Ice Planet is a planetside tileset introduced in Update 14.5 with the Operation Cryotic Front event. This tileset consists of a planet covered in ice, upon which Corpus underground outposts mingle with the wrecks of crashed Corpus ships and icy caverns both natural and manmade. The Ice Planet tileset became the default planetside tileset for Europa in Update 15, and also appears in nodes on Mars and Neptune.

Environmental HazardsEdit

Cryo TemperaturesEdit

Outdoor sections of the Ice Planet tileset experience extreme cold, which has a detrimental effect on players in the form of a constant drain on their shields at a rate of 15 shield points per second. To counteract this, special Heat Generator structures are scattered throughout said sections, which prevent said shield degeneration if players are within their radius. Although Heat Generators offer protection, they can be destroyed by anyone, even the Tenno. Caution is advised when fighting outdoors.

Ice WaterEdit

Some bodies of water on the map have a random chance of inflicting Cold b Cold status proc to players if they stand within them for too long. A good way to check if a given pool is safe is to see if enemies will (or even can) readily run through it.

Destructible FeaturesEdit

Like with the Infested Ship tileset, certain parts of this tileset feature objects that self-destruct upon player contact, like collapsing ice bridges that can catch players unaware and send them to an abyss below.


Planet Name Type Faction Level
Mars Tharsis Hijack Corpus 8 - 10
Mars Ultor Exterminate Crossfire 11 - 13
Europa Abaddon Capture Corpus 21 - 23
Europa Baal Exterminate Corpus 21 - 23
Europa Kokabiel Sabotage Corpus 20 - 22
Europa Morax Mobile Defense Corpus 18 - 20
Europa Orias Rescue Corpus 20 - 22
Europa Ose Interception Corpus 18 - 23
Europa Paimon Defense Corpus 18 - 23
Europa Sorath Hijack Corpus 19 - 21
Europa Valefor Excavation Corpus 18 - 23
Europa Cholistan Dark Sector Excavation Infestation 23 - 33
Europa Larzac Dark Sector Defense Infestation 23 - 33
Neptune Laomedeia Spy Corpus 30 - 32
Neptune Nereid Hijack Corpus 30 - 32
Neptune Neso Exterminate Corpus 29 - 31
There are a total of 16 missions on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.


  • This tileset features a battle between a Corpus ship and a Fomorian-class battleship visible in the skies above.
  • Some pieces of wreckage show signs of Infestation on them, hinting at the probable cause of the ships' crash.
  • This tileset was the second tileset to feature a Hijack type mission, after the Grineer Shipyard tileset on Ceres.
  • This tileset features some unique features such as large Corpus-designed fans that can be used for quick travel in a specific direction. The effect is similar to that of the fans located in Councilor Vay Hek's boss room on Oro, Earth.
  • Near the extraction point, players may find blackened bodies of Corpus Crewman laying around.


  • There was a bug in which players fell through the tileset upon entering the mission. This was fixed on Hotfix 14.5.1, but this bug still occurs in other parts of the map.[1]


  • A Corpus ship engaged in battle against a Fomorian-class ship.
  • The planet Jupiter in the sky above Europa.
  • A Heat Generator.
  • The sign on the right says "Slippery When Wet".
  • Festive Mirage on Europa.
  • Strange blackened Corpus Crewman bodies near extraction.
  • Another strange blackened Corpus Crewman body near extraction.
  • Festive Frost "chillin" on Europa.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 19.5.4
  • Fixed numerous navigation issues.

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  1. 14.5.1 - "Fixed clients falling through the ground in the Ice tileset upon entering the mission.", but you can still fall through it in other spots... I died as I fell into nothingness. :( at /r/Warframe