The Gas City tile set was introduced in Update 11.0 as the home of Alad V.

The Gas City has many facilities built to harvest the power of the planet's gas. The indoor areas vary greatly from neat lobbies and labs to dusty maintenance areas for the harvesters, while the outdoors allow players to traverse the deck of the ships under an eternal sunset.

Scavenger Drones, Detron Crewmen and Anti MOAs were introduced with this tileset, and were initially exclusive to locations using the tileset.


Energy StreamEdit

Several tiles in the map contain streams of energy. Anyone caught within may suffer minor continuous Heat b Fire damage.


Planet Name Type Faction Level
Jupiter Amalthea Spy Corpus 17 - 19
Jupiter Ananke Capture Corpus 16 - 18
Jupiter Callisto Interception Corpus 15 - 20
Jupiter Carme Mobile Defense Corpus 16 - 18
Jupiter Carpo Exterminate Corpus 17 - 19
Jupiter Elara Survival Corpus 15 - 20
Jupiter Io Defense Corpus 15 - 20
Jupiter Metis Rescue Corpus 20 - 22
Jupiter Thebe Sabotage Corpus 18 - 20
Jupiter Cameria Dark Sector Survival Infestation 20 - 30
Jupiter Sinai Dark Sector Defense Infestation 20 - 30
Neptune Galatea Capture Corpus 27 - 29
There are a total of 12 missions on the Corpus Gas City tileset.

Conclave MapsEdit

There are currently 2 maps for Conclave from this tileset.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes certain rooms from the Corpus Ship tileset will be used, with windows showing space outside, this is a bug that has not yet been fixed.


  • The outdoors starting area
  • That's a long fall...
  • Air grates. Anything that steps on them will be launched up, Tenno and Corpus alike. A common form of recreation for bored Crewmen.
  • Giant turrets mounted atop the ships. What are they firing at?
  • The outdoors extraction area
  • The indoors extraction area
  • A stored Fusion Moa
  • perhaps an older version of the Crewman uniform?
  • A view of Jupiter's jet streams and billowing clouds.
  • A Corpus Ship room used in the Corpus Gas City tileset, the next photo shows the unrealism in the connection
  • A shot from the "Gas City" that views space.


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