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The Corpus Commander is seen during the Archwing Rush mission. He closely resembles a Slo Comba.



  • "It's the Tenno! Launch all offensive units. This is not a drill."
  • "Transports, prepare for evacuation. The Tenno are here to steal our profits."
  • "Tenno assailants approaching fast. We must protect the product. Transports, initiate emergency departure."
  • "Move fast, Corpus, the Betrayers are coming. Ready the transports, we have orders from the top, protect that product."

Upon Reaching the Midway Point[]

  • "*sigh* The Board isn't going to be happy about this."
  • "In the name of the Void, protect our product, save our profits."
  • "They're too close. Forget everything but the high-credit product and go."
  • "Interceptors?! They're flying right past you. Why do they call you Interceptors if you don't intercept?"
  • "A credit bonus for any transport crew who escapes the Tenno raiders. That, and the opportunity to keep living."

Upon Reaching the Transport Docks[]

  • "Transports, all power to shield Orbiters. Now!"
  • "Transports, deploy shield Orbiters. Protect your cargo!"

When Transport Orbiters are Destroyed[]

  • "Transport. You're vulnerable. Get out of there!"

When All Three Are Destroyed[]

  • "They're all destroyed... the Board is going to have my head for this..."
  • "Not... one... escaped? Our profits... how could you let this happen?"

When a Transport Begins Moving[]

  • "Load complete? Okay, get out of here."
  • "Transport, stop loading and power engines. They're close."

When a Transport Escapes[]

  • "Transport escaped. I'm getting a bonus for sure."
  • "Too slow, Tenno! My transports are getting away."

When the Last Transport Begins Moving[]

  • "Go, go, go!"
  • "Get out of here, move."

When the Last Transport Escapes[]

  • "Hah. The last transport just left. Those Tenno will have to try harder next time."

When All Three Transports Escape[]

  • "Praise the Void. The profits are safe."
  • "The transports are all safe. The profits are safe."
  • "Call the Board, let them know the Tenno have failed... again."