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Update 25.7 changed how abilities interact with Coolant Raknoid. They are now resistant to most abilities rather than immune.

Often found near the Exploiter Orb, these Raknoids carry deep-ice coolant that they use to protect themselves while harvesting Thermia fractures.

Coolant Raknoid is a medium sized Raknoid creature found in the Orb Vallis. It drops a refined coolant canister on death which can be used to seal Thermia Fractures located around Orb Vallis during the Operation: Buried Debts Event.

Coolant Raknoids will actively prevent Tenno from destroying Exploiter Orb by delivering refined coolant to the Orb during Operation: Buried Debts.



  • Coolant Raknoids have significantly less health than they have shields, toxin damage is best suited against them, despite their minor resistance to it. This also bypasses their shield gating.
  • Coolant Raknoids will spawn underneath the Exploiter Orb (usually patrolling near the Temple of Profit). If the Exploiter Orb is targeting Tenno/Warframes, one Coolant Raknoid will spawn every 20 seconds. When the Exploiter Orb is unengaged, Coolant Raknoids will spawn much faster.
  • They are vulnerable to any Status Effect.
  • They are vulnerable to headshots; their entire coolant tank counts as their head region.
  • When their shields are nearly depleted, Coolant Raknoids may curl up for five seconds. This renders them immobile and unable to attack, but drastically boosts the recharge rate of their shields.
  • During phase 2 of Exploiter Orb ​​​​​​battle, killing Coolant Raknoids will prevent them from cooling the Orb down and also provide coolant canisters.
    • Tenno can use these coolant canisters to immediately seal Thermia Fractures, created by the Orb trying to cool herself, and obtain Thermia canisters to be used to overheat the Orb.
    • Coolant Raknoids will ignore Tenno upon spawning, walking straight toward Exploiter Orb. Raknoids who successfully give their coolant to Exploiter Orb will turn to attack nearby Tenno, then spontaneously die after several seconds.

Interaction with Warframes abilities[]

Coolant Raknoids are very inconsistent on what abilities can affect them:

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  • Refined coolant is used to close Thermia Fractures and obtain Diluted Thermia during Operation: Buried Debts.
    • It is also used to close Thermia Fractures created by Exploiter Orb, during the fight, and obtain Thermia canister.
  • Refined coolant is probably a more potent form of typical coolant used to terraform Orb Vallis into its current condition and also act as bodies of water.


Patch History[]

Update 29.9 (2021-02-23)

  • Fixed Coolant Raknoids teleporting to unrelated Defense objectives in Orb Vallis (ex: Vox Solaris final mission, Base captures, etc).

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

  • Coolant Raknoids are now resistant to Abilities rather than immune (still have immunity to Limbo Stasis and Mag Pull).

Hotfix 24.5.7 (2019-03-28)

  • Fixed Coolant Raknoids damaging Limbo through the Rift.

Hotfix 24.5.5 (2019-03-25)

  • Fixed a crash when killing Coolant Raknoids.
  • Fixed Coolant Raknoids not attempting to destroy Gara’s Mass Vitrify walls.

Hotfix 24.4.4 (2019-03-11)

  • Reduced the Affinity gained from killing Coolant Raknoids from 1500 to 300.

Hotfix 24.4.3 (2019-03-09)

  • Increased the Coolant Raknoids chance to even drop a Mod for 10% to 30%, thus increasing the drop rate of Wise Razor (and all Mods on the enemy).

Update 24.4 (2019-03-08)

  • Introduced.