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Continuity is a ritual first mentioned in The War Within, and is suggested to be the ritual the Orokin used for their supposed immortality.


Continuity, in its very essence, is the destructive transfer of consciousness from one body to another, with the mind-altering properties of Kuva playing a key role in it.

In the ritual, an Orokin, whose current body has grown old and frail, would invade the mind of a prospective host (ritualistically called Yuvan) under the influence of the liquid Kuva until only the Orokin's mind remained inside the body, erasing the host's existing consciousness.[1]

On Earth, during Orokin Empire era, the Orokin would go to Yuvan Theatre, where selected young and beautiful potential hosts would be paraded for display and selection.[2] The Orokin would then choose a person, whose body would be used as an Orokin's new body. This seems to be like a festival of some sort, rather than for individual Orokin. These Yuvans were probably willing to offer themselves or being sold for profit.

On the contrary, during Sands of Inaros quest, it is suggested that the Orokin (called Golden Skymen by the narrator) had abducted many children from a subservient colony on Mars for a long time.[3] These abductees were possibly Yuvans for Continuity.

It also is suggested by Cephalon Fragment recordings and the Worm Queen's dialogue that Orokin can also participate in Continuity even after their body has died. Whether or not this is theoretically possible with any person or only those whose mind has been affected by Kuva once before remains currently unknown.

The Worm Queen currently uses her harvested Kuva to create Kuva Liches, Grineer super soldiers who are rendered all but seemingly immortal. The only way for a Warframe to properly combat these Liches is to mod their Parazon with Requiem Mods to create a unique passphrase or Requiem Sequence, to permanently sever their Continuity. This allows the Warframe to take down a Lich for good, or purify their Kuva and convert them into a loyal ally.


  • Yuvan probably comes from Sanskrit, युवन् (yuvan), which means young, youth, strong or other similar meanings.
  • It is suggested by Ordan Karris' phantom memory that Ballas has died, and has come back to life, countless times, presumably by performing Continuity.
  • Rell transferred his consciousness into his Warframe, HarrowIcon272 Harrow, in order to stay alive, presumably by using Continuity.


  1. Seen during The War Within
  2. "A Yuvan theater, long abandoned. In ages past, I would have stood guard as the young and exotic were paraded through the mountain pass and marched by the viewing pane. They'd barter here, the Orokin. Withering and coughing-[sic] as they prepared for their Continuity." - Teshin during The War Within
  3. ​"Long ago, the lands of our colony were cursed, they were soaked in fear. The Golden Skymen would come and take our children away. Young and old alike, cowered before them, afraid to lose their most beloved." - Baro Ki'Teer's mother during Sands of Inaros
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