Confusion is a Status Effect that redirects enemies' priority to attack any units, depriving their firepower elsewhere.

When an enemy is confused, they will indiscriminately attack any units nearby until the debuff expires, and are likewise susceptible to friendly fire; non-confused enemies will consider confused ones a direct threat and will openly attack them. This makes Confusion unique amongst the Status Effects by being able to also "affect" enemies that don't have the Status Effect on them, resulting in a potentially massive diversion of enemy firepower away from Tenno and defense objectives. When the alarm has yet to be raised, the enemies inflicted will become alerted, as well as other enemies in the area, and may activate the level alarm shortly. Ancient and Eximus Auras will also stop affecting their confused allies.

If a player is afflicted by the Confusion debuff (in the form of Radiation DamageDmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation proc), they receive an accuracy penalty in addition to being able to damage other players and allied NPCs (such as the Rescue target or Defense/Mobile Defense objective) with their weapons and abilities. Likewise, any unirradiated players can damage the irradiated player inadvertently. Players with this debuff also cannot revive any downed ally, even if they were already in the process of doing so.

List of Confusion Inflictors[]