Condition Overload is a melee mod that grants extra damage based on the amount of different types of status effect currently affecting the target.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +10% 10
1 +20% 11
2 +30% 12
3 +40% 13
4 +50% 14
5 +60% 15


  • The bonus damage gained by this mod multiplies your total melee damage (including proc damage like Slash b Slash).
    • It can be described as follows:
      Total Damage = Modded Damage × 1.6n (with n being the number of unique status procs currently affecting the enemy).
  • The bonus damage of a new status effect is not applied to the hit (or its potential damage proc) which inflicted it, meaning only subsequent strikes are amplified.
    • However, Gunblades' pellets hit consecutively and therefore can be amplified by other pellets' procs of the same shot.
  • Status procs may originate from a source other than the player's melee weapon (i.e. primary and secondary weapons, Warframe abilities, other players, or the environment).
  • Impact b Impact procs linger for 2 seconds after the knockback.
  • Impact b Impact, Puncture b Puncture, Slash b Slash, Cold b Cold, Electricity b Electricity, Heat b Heat, Toxin b Toxin, Blast b Blast, Corrosive b Corrosive, Gas b Gas, Magnetic b Magnetic, Radiation b Radiation, Viral b Viral, and VoidTearIcon b Void procs all apply to this mod for a total possible damage multiplier of up to 720.58x.
    • Blast b Blast procs consist of two distinct status effect components – the normal stun on recovering victims which is displayed by the icon and the knockdown which isn't depicted – that can stack for additionally increased damage, up to 1152.92x with the procs listed above.
      • The damage increase from the knockdown lingers briefly longer than the one of the depicted icon.
      • Note that conditions or abilities that prevent knockdowns (e.g. Bastille130xDark Bastille) will hinder the second component from increasing damage.
    • Gas b Gas procs' duration are too short to utilise without either heavy use of slows or Stasis130xDark Stasis to stop proc expiration.
  • Melee hits during Stasis130xDark Stasis cause an Impact b Impact proc which is not depicted.


  • To achieve a high amount of distinct status procs, it is advised to use melee weapons that feature high attack speed with high base status chance and all physical damage types like the InfTipedo Lesion or PrimeGlaive Glaive Prime.
  • For complementary ranged weapons, it is advised to use weapons that feature high fire rate or AoE with innate elemental status, such as CrpElectroMag Staticor or InfProximityStars Pox.
  • Certain Warframes can also inflict status, such as SarynIcon272 Saryn, EmberIcon272 Ember, VoltIcon272 Volt, or EquinoxIcon272 Equinox.
  • Sentinels and their weapons are additional, viable sources for status effects:

Damage Multipliers

Status Effects Multiplier
0 1x
1 1.6x
2 2.56x
3 4.10x
4 6.55x
5 10.49x
6 16.78x
7 26.84x
8 42.95x
9 68.72x
10 109.95x
11 175.92x
12 281.47x
13 450.36x
14 720.58x
15 1152.92x


  • Since Update 20.0, Corrosive b Corrosive procs permanently linger on enemies which allows them to add bonus damage despite having no actual proc duration.

Patch History

Update 19.2
  • Introduced.
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