Conculysts are Sentient combat drones. Capable of performing heavy strikes agilefully and forming an offensive whirlwind with their baton-arms alone, they greatly specialize in melee combat. They spawn in pairs after an Oculyst scans a Tenno at the Orokin Moon tileset.


  • As a Sentient, the Conculyst has the ability to adapt to any attack after receiving them a set number of times, making them incredibly resistant to that type of attack. The glowing core in their chest changes to a green color, signifying their adaptation to that attack.
    • Similar to their damage adaptation, they are also capable of adapting to warframe abilities, with each subsequent debuffs diminishing their effectiveness.
    • Sometimes, after adapting to an attack, they release a flash of light that damage shields but not health.
  • Conculysts' main method of attack is to charge at a Tenno with their baton-arms, dealing massive damage.
  • Conculysts can perform a whirlwind attack around themselves that makes them completely immune to damage and heavily damage a Tenno. The whirlwind hits once every second.
  • Conculyst's arms can be removed by shooting them, or with Loki's Radial Disarm. It is possible to remove both their arms rendering them unable to attack normally, though they can still use their special attack. They will retrieve their arms one at a time after using their special attack.
  • A Sentient core will be dropped when a Conculyst is destroyed. If a nearby Sentient is present, it will proceed to obtain the core to fully replenish their health and shields.
    • A Tenno can also pick up a Sentient core, where it will fully recover their health, shield and energy.
  • When near other Sentients, they can use their own version of Link that transfers the damage they take and their immunities to each other.
  • They are immune to Well of Life, ragdoll conditions such as Pull and stun conditions such as Paralysis.


  • Do NOT let them corner you into a wall.
  • As the Sentients' damage resistance only comes into effect after a certain number of hits, weapons that do large amounts of damage in a single blow, like shotguns and snipers are much more effective than weapons that do a lot of damage with multiple blows, like beam weapons or assault rifles.
  • As with the Battalyst, their arms can be removed by shooting them. It's possible to remove both their arms, leaving them unable to attack normally, but still able to use their special attack.
  • Remember to pick up Sentient cores as they restore full health, shield and energy.
  • Excalibur's Exalted Blade can do immense damage to them even after they adapt.
  • It is not recommended to use Nekros' Terrify against them, because they can fly and move very quickly, making them difficult to attack while terrified.
  • Be wary when using debuff abilities on this unit as each subsequent use will render them less and less effective. Avoid spamming certain abilities (such as Rhino Stomp) as it will raise their resistance to the debuff even if it is still in effect.
    • Slowing them down with Molecular Prime will double damage dealt to them as well as allow players to deal more damage before they adapt. Since they often also spawn in tight squads, using a weapon like the Synoid Simulor can make quick work of them with this tactic.
    • Blinding them with Prism also works to provide relief time to recover, scan, damage or even flee from them.
    • They are susceptible to Nyx's Mind Control and Chaos.
    • Using Ivara's Sleep Arrow or Equinox's Rest abilities are a great way of temporarily preventing a Conculyst from doing anything, and opening them up to attack.
      • If this is done during a Conculyst's special attack, the attack will continue as normal, but the Conculyst will still be unable to move.
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