WardingHalo WardingHaloIcon
Warding Halo
Create a protective ring of fire that damages opponents who get too close.
Strength:255 (base health)
80 Slash b Slash (damage per second)
Range:1.2 m
Misc:0 s (invulnerability duration)

  • Nezha summons a fiery ring that encirlces him, granting damage reduction. The ring starts with 255 base health. Enemies that wander within 1.2 meters of Nezha are continuously staggered and dealt 80 Slash b Slash damage every second. Warding Halo absorbs 90% of all incoming damage Nezha takes and only expires when its health is depleted.
    • Health type is Object, meaning no multipliers (damage type, headshots) apply to this value.
    • While active, a health counter is displayed on the lower-right of the HUD, above the ability icons, indicating how much damage absorption is left.
    • Casting this ability makes Nezha stop all other actions, including movement.
      • Casting it again will deactivate the ability and sends out of wave of Heat b Heat damage to anyone nearby.

Main article: Ward Recovery

Ward Recovery is a Warframe Augment Mod for NezhaIcon272 Nezha's WardingHalo130xDark Warding Halo in Conclave that recovers some of the energy used to cast it, based on how much protection is left.

Rank Maximum energy return Cost
0 35% 6
1 40% 7
2 45% 8
3 50% 9

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