ToxicLashMod SarynContagion
Toxic Lash
Increase ranged and melee damage.
Strength:10% (added gun damage)
20% (added melee damage)
40% (damage block)
Duration:6 s
Misc:100% (Toxin w Toxin status chance)
100% (Spores burst chance)

  • Saryn imbues all her weapons with potent toxins for 6 seconds, adding 10% of the weapon's total damage as Toxin b Toxin damage (doubled for melee weapons), with 100% Toxin b Toxin status chance on every strike. Attacks enhanced with Toxic Lash will burst all Spores130xDark Spores on infected enemies on hit and spread them to nearby enemies.
    • Toxin b Toxin status effect deals 100% of the bonus damage per tick over 4 ticks in 3 seconds (duration is prolonged due to Saryn's passive).
  • While active, Toxic Lash also enhances the melee weapon's damage reduction during blocking by an additional 40%.
  • Casting Toxic Lash is a one-handed action that can be done while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading, charging, shooting, maneuvering, and while on a zipline.
    • Can be recast to refresh its duration.

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