Hurl mayhem and destruction with this Grineer grenade launcher.

The Tonkor is a Grineer grenade launcher which fires concussion explosives. While its magazine can only hold two rounds, the Tonkor boasts high and damage.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 45
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 200 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:Credits6430,000


This weapon deals primarily Blast b Blast damage.



  • Innate Blast b Blast damage – less effective against health.
  • Grenades have travel time and heavy arcing.
  • Explosions can cause self-damage.
    • Grenades will instantly explode on hitting enemies, teammates or companions, potentially having lethal results.
  • Grenades that hit any surface have a high bouncing capability which makes it hard to stack on a desired spot.
  • Extremely low magazine capacity of just 2 rounds; requires frequent reloading.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • The Tonkor's grenades' self-damage will most likely kill the player in even a single explosion, including InarosIcon272 Inaros.
  • The Tonkor's grenades will explode immediately upon hitting an enemy.
  • If the grenade fails to hit a player or enemy, it will explode one second after the first bounce.
  • The Tonkor will only hit an enemy with a direct hit if it hits the player model. This can result in the grenades bouncing between enemy legs.
  • Grenades will come to a complete stop when coming in contact with a body of water. This can turn them into makeshift proximity mines which will only explode when touched or after a few seconds.
  • Grenades that impact enemies too close to the user will not detonate and will bounce off them harmlessly instead, possibly bouncing back and killing the player.


  • The Grineer text on the side of its barrel Grineer AGrineer NGrineer M translates to "ANM".
    • Previous design concepts show Grineer AGrineer LGrineer L ("ALL"). [1]
  • The Tonkor's breech-loading design is derived from the M79 grenade launcher, albeit with the ability to hold two rounds instead of one.
    • Oddly, the Tonkor's reload animation appears to consist of loading one grenade instead of two.
    • It seems that these "grenades" are actually power cells with a built-in launching mechanism.
  • Previously, the Tonkor was able to launch teammates into the air.

Tonkor Skins


  • Tonkor in Codex.
  • Unloaded Tonkor seen from the bottom
  • Concept Art for the Tonkor.
  • A Tonkor grenade in the default colours.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.12

  • Increased Projectile Speed
  • Changed projectile life from 3 secs on launch to 1 sec after first bounce
  • Improved trail FX

Update 16.4

  • Introduced

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