Blasts targets with a massive wave of sonic energy. Results reported to be: 'Very Satisfying'.

The Sonicor is a Corpus wrist-mounted sidearm utilizing sonic blasts to knock down enemies, making it adept at crowd control.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 35
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png 200 Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:Credits64.png20,000

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This weapon deals Impact b.svg Impact damage.


  • Produces a large 5 meter area of effect explosion on impact or after its 15 meters of travel distance.
    • Explosion can hit enemies through solid objects.
  • Guaranteed knockback against enemies.
  • Ammo-efficient.
  • Has a Vazarin Pol.svg polarity.


  • No Slash b.svg Slash or Puncture b.svg Puncture damage – less effective against health and armor.
  • Projectiles have linear damage falloff from 100% to 16.67% from 0m to 20m target distance (unlike other weapons with damage falloff, the falloff distances from Sonicor are not affected Projectile Speed).
  • Projectiles have travel time.
  • The projectile's maximum range is limited to 15m, affected by Projectile Speed.
  • Low fire rate.
  • Low reload speed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Sonicor fires a projectile that explodes upon proximity to an enemy, knocking back any enemies within a 5 meter radius. The projectile will also explode if it reaches its maximum range of 15 meters.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Sonicor is the first weapon ingame to have only a single physical damage type, i.e. not an elemental or combined element, as its base damage.
  • The Sonicor is the first wrist-mounted secondary that is not a continuous fire weapon such as the Gammacor.png Gammacor or the GrnHeatGun.png Atomos.

Media[edit | edit source]

Sonicor Skins

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 22.8.4

  • Fixed the Sonicor holster remaining visible when your Warframe is invisible.

Hotfix 22.8.2

  • Gave the Sonicor a bit of ‘oomph’ back by tweaking the ragdoll force to allow a more horizontal ragdoll as opposed to ragdolling in place. Does this bring it back to its skyrocketing ways? No. But now it has an appropriate amount of ‘oomph’ that doesn’t send you across the map to collect your dropped goodies.

Hotfix 21.0.4

  • Conclave
    • Fixed the Sonicor doing pve damage in Conclave.


  • Returned the Sonicor to it’s skyrocketing glory.

Hotfix 20.4.3

  • Fixed the Sonicor skyrocketing enemies when equipped with a high Blast build.

Hotfix 19.10.1

  • Conclave
    • Fixed Sonicor not causing knock down in Conclave.

Update 18.5

  • The Sonicor’s camera explosion shake will no longer affect other players in the Squad.

Hotfix 18.4.7

  • Fixed an improper trigger finger animation appearing on players with the Sonicor equipped, but not in use.

Hotfix 18.4.6

  • Conclave
    • Sonicor AoE radius increased in Conclave.

Update 17.8

  • Fixed an issue with the Sonicor/Gammacor holsters using the wrong energy colour.

Update 17.7

  • Fixed the Sonicor sometimes appearing invisible in player hands.

Hotfix 17.6.1

  • Fixed the Sonicor’s projectiles not being stopped on Nullifier shields.

Hotfix 17.5.5

  • Fixed the Sonicor’s reload audio FX not playing.

Hotfix 17.5.4

  • Fixed Sonicor projectiles detonating from inside the wall of a Snowglobe.

Update 17.5

  • Introduced
Last update: Hotfix
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