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Sleight Of Hand
Booby trap nearby objects while conjuring an irresistible jewel that bursts with radial blind when touched in darkness, or a radial explosion in light. Conjure multiple smaller jewels with the help of Hall of Mirrors.
Strength:75 (ammo pack explosion damage)
125 (jewel explosion damage)
10/s (health orb damage)
Duration:60 s (trap duration)
Range:10 m (trap radius)
5 m (explosion radius)
Misc:10 m (jewel cast range)
60 s (jewel duration)
5 m (detonation radius)
6 m (clone jewels distance)

  • Mirage conjures a powerful photokinetic illusion that booby traps all interactive objects within a 10 meter radius for 60 seconds, while simultaneously placing a light-sensitive jewel at the targeted location on the aiming reticle, within a cast range of 60 meters and lasts for 20 seconds.
    • Traps lasts forever even after Mirage’s death (but will not affect respawned pickups).
  • Mirage's jewels and booby traps exhibit numerous different effects:

  • Mirage's jewel glistens and detonates when an enemy comes within a 5 meters radius. The jewel explodes to deal 125 Blast b Blast damage to all enemies within a 5 meters radius.
  • When casting Sleight of Hand while HallOfMirrors130xDark Hall Of Mirrors is active, Mirage's holographic clones will each create a smaller jewel placed 6 meters away from the primary jewel. Clone jewels have reduced effectiveness of the primary jewel's effects.

  • Affected objects include Pickups.
    • Ammo Packs explode in a 5 meter radius when an opponent is nearby, and will deal 75 Blast b Blast damage.
    • Health Orbs directly damages an opponent's health, dealing 50 damage over 10 ticks of damage.
    • Energy Orbs disables the opponents ability to regain energy until death.

  • Can be recast while active, although this does not refresh the duration of currently affected objects.
  • Casting Sleight of Hand stops Mirage's movement and other actions.
  • When cast, Mirage visually emits a pulse of energy that forms a grid of light representing the ability range. The pulse and grid are affected by Mirage's chosen Warframe energy color.
  • Mirage's primary and clone jewels have the same model as Prism130xDark Prism and are tinted in her chosen Warframe energy color. When in light, the jewels are translucent and emit a mist of white light; while in the darkness, the jewels are opaque and emit halos of light.
  • Affected objects emit a halo of light, pulse and glow in violet with a tint of Mirage's energy color.

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