Creates miniature gravitational singularities that can be used for scientific study or self-defense.

The Simulor is a Cephalon-designed weapon obtainable from Cephalon Simaris that launches orbs of gravitational force. These orbs can be manipulated to produce either explosions or implosions.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 35
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 210 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:ReputationBlackx6475,000


This weapon deals Magnetic b Magnetic damage.


  • Innate Magnetic b Magnetic damage – effective against shields.
    • Stacking orbs deals per stack damage of 50 Magnetic b Magnetic, increasing to 75 Magnetic b Magnetic as additional stacks are added.
      • Each time an orb is combined it staggers enemies away from the blast zone and deals area of effect damage to them.
  • Orbs can be manually detonated to inflict an area of effect with a guaranteed Electricity b Electricity proc, dealing 75 Electricity b Electricity damage at base and 225 Electricity b Electricity at a full stack.
    • Explosions do not inflict self-damage.
  • Pinpoint accuracy.
  • Has a Naramon Pol and Vazarin Pol polarity slot.


  • Innate Magnetic b Magnetic – less effective against health.
  • Very slow reload speed.
  • Relatively short firing range.
  • Direct impacts with the orbs with enemies do not deal any damage, they must be combined at least once to deal any damage.
  • Extremely ammo inefficient; requires just 1 reload to fully deplete all ammo reserves.


  • Simulor, compared to Synoid Simulor:
    • Lower fire rate (2 rounds/sec vs. 2.67 rounds/sec)
    • Smaller magazine (10 rounds vs. 15 rounds)
    • Smaller max ammo capacity (10 rounds vs. 15 rounds)
    • Slower reload speed (3 s vs. 2 s)
    • Lack of an innate Entropy effect
    • Different polarities (Vazarin PolNaramon Pol vs. Madurai PolVazarin PolNaramon Pol)
    • Lower Mastery Rank required (5 vs. 12)


  • The Simulor's blueprint can be acquired from Cephalon Simaris for ReputationLargeBlack75,000.


  • The Simulor fires small orbs of energy that will harmlessly bounce off enemies, allies, and environmental objects before floating to a stop mid-air. These floating orbs can be fired at each other, causing them to merge into a single larger orb. Each orb has a short pull radius that will attract any passing orbs to facilitate growth.
    • The act of merging orbs will cause them to explosive, dealing damage to nearby opponents.
    • Each added stack will also increase the orb's pull radius, allowing the larger orbs to pull other orbs from farther away.
    • Stacking will increase the damage dealt by the recipient orb, both when merging with another orb and when manually detonated. The minimum base damage starts at 20 on the first stack, and maxes out at 50 after 3 stacks.
    • Without obstructions, the orbs will travel a distance of 12 meters before floating.
  • Pressing the secondary fire button (default MMB ) will detonate any active orbs, causing them explode and inflict a guaranteed Electricity b Electricity status to enemies in range. Any orbs that expire will also explode in similar fashion.
    • The Electricity b Electricity status is unaffected by any other elements added to the weapon.
  • Each orb will float in mid-air for 8 seconds. Stacking orbs will reset the timer on the recipient orb, thus an orb or singularity can be kept active as long as orbs are fed into them. Orbs will only disappear if their timer expires, or if they are manually detonated using secondary fire.


  • Combining projectiles have a larger blast radius (~5m vs ~7m) and deal significantly more damage (~60 vs ~170) than detonating orbs, making orb combination a primary source of damage.
  • Detonating orbs manually can be used for crowd control, as their guaranteed Electricity b Electricity status can stun enemies even if they don't deal enough damage to kill them.
  • Attempting to create a second singularity this way usually results in the destruction of the first.


  • The Simulor is the first Syndicate weapon to be sold from its affiliated Syndicate with a blueprint, not the weapon itself. Second being CephHammer Heliocor.
    • It is the first primary Syndicate weapon to be released.
    • It is also the first weapon to be released for Cephalon Simaris.
    • It is also the only Syndicate weapon that may be purchased from the Market for Platinum.
    • It is also the first Syndicate weapon to be improved by another Syndicate, resulting in the SyndicateCSSimulor Synoid Simulor.
  • Being a weapon created by Cephalons, the Simulor has a similar design aesthetic to the Gammacor Gammacor, with both being research devices that also double as weapons.
  • The Simulor cannot damage the player using it, making it a great close range explosive weapon.



  • Simulor in Codex.
  • As seen in Tenno Reinforcements.
  • As originally showcased in Devstream 54

Simulor Skins

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Update 16.10
  • Introduced.

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