Reckoning OberonReckoning
Quickly lifts enemies into the air and then hurls them down with conviction. Enemies who succumb to this power have a chance to spawn a Health Sphere.
Strength:10% (armor reduction)
318 (damage)
636 (extra damage)
Range:10 m (cast radius)
Misc:100% (health orb chance)

  • Oberon lifts enemies within 10 meters up into the air and violently slams them to the ground, dealing 318 damage. Additionally, Reckoning deals 636 extra damage to enemies affected by Radiation b Radiation status effects. An enemy that dies by the effect of this ability has a 100% chance of spawning a Health Orb.
    • Damage distribution is 50% Impact b Impact and 50% Radiation b Radiation.
    • Only begins lifting enemies after Oberon fully raises his hand, if enemies escape the range of the ability before this, ability will miss.
  • If Reckoning is cast upon enemies standing on Hallowed Ground, it reduces their armor.
  • Can hit enemies above and below the player.
  • Can be used while sliding and while in the air.

Main article: Defiled Reckoning

Defiled Reckoning is a Conclave-exclusive Warframe Augment Mod for OberonIcon272 Oberon's Reckoning130xDark Reckoning that makes Health Orbs created by kills from Reckoning temporarily invisible to, and unusable by, enemies.

Rank Duration Cost
0 3s 6
1 5s 7
2 8s 8
3 10s 9

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